90s Games We Played – Fish Fish


This is a variation of Double Dutch but with only one rope. Two people will turn the rope while one is jumping in the middle. Fish Fish is often accompanied by singing to help the players stay in rhythm.


The person jumping needs to perform some tricks before negotiating their way out from under the turning rope without touching rope.

How to Play

The two people turning the rope will start turning the rope and you negotiate your way in. Then they start to sing the song ‘Fish Fish’. The song instructs you on which tricks to perform while jumping and when you complete it you instructed to go away. The song is; ‘Fish Fish spell your name, F-I-S-H. Fish Fish, Touch the Ground and Point to the Sky and turn around and go away.


The way to get eliminated is if you touch the rope while jumping. Once the game starts and the people turning the rope start, they will also start counting the beats. If noone has not entered after a certain number of beats then that person is eliminated. Same as after they sing ‘Go away’ they start another countdown and if you do not exit you will be eliminated. After each successful exit the people turning the rope speed up the rotations until all are eliminated and they swap

Other games

Games we also played included; Hwishu, Hwai HwaiNhodo, One Touch, Dhudhudza, Raka Raka, Dhiritsa, Matsva, Chisveru, Deya, Chihwande hwande, Chabuta, Stechu, Hondo yemaKinha, Tauya Kunoona Mary, Country Game and Pada

As this is a work in progress it will continue to be updated. If you have other descriptions and games please post them via the feedback page.