Author: Baynham Goredema

Dissecting Dominic Benhura’s #MugabeStatue

Dominic Benhura is one of the fore most stone sculptors in Zimbabwe who has exhibited a\extensively around the world. A second generation sculptor, he has a distinct style and his work is instantly recognisable. He is in his element when working with human forms and with hard stones like springstone. Some of his best work consists of a dynamic sense of movement, celebration and seem to defy gravity! He will certainly go down in history as one of the masters of stone sculpture in Zimbabwe. Dominic has been such an inspiration through his work and what he has achieved...

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Dominic Benhura: Views from Zimbabwean artists on #MugabeStatue

I reached out to some of my art and designer peers to find out their opinions on the #MugabeStatue. Interesting thoughts. I also added some selected tweets on the same issue. Also Read 1. Dissecting Dominic Benhura’s #MugabeStatue 2. #MugabeStatue: Dominic Benhura’s brief – Context behind the production of the statute (satire) Idiotic bid to make money Yakashata(Its ugly), but I respect his idiotic bid to make money..or trying to find favour with a 93 year old. He wants to remain relevant to Zimbabwe yet the west is his cash cow. Its below standard, the Chitungwiza realism artist should...

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#MugabeStatue: Dominic Benhura’s brief

A conversation between Dominic Benhura (DB) a renowned Zimbabwean sculptor and Office of the State Residence (OOTSR) who commissioned him to produce a statue of the president to be erected at state house while he is still alive. This conversation gives us some context behind the sculpture that notoriously broke the internet in Zimbabwe Also Read 1. Dissecting Dominic Benhura’s #MugabeStatue 2. Dominic Benhura: Views from Zimbabwean artists on #MugabeStatue – Views from artists and designers on the statue.   OOTSR: Mr Benhura we were referred to you by a colleague of ours at the ministry of arts and...

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Zimbabwe cricket T20i Jersey – 2016

The latest jersey for Zimbabwe cricket team for T20 internationals. It was not easy to get this and its sad that there are not a lot of replica jerseys. The Test one is even more illusive. This could be a source of revenue for Zimbabwe. The logo This time its a button down front I preferred the V neck ones. The sleeve detail is my favourite part of the design Side detail Front with the new sponsor Wega. Front, side and shoulder Back, Side and Shoulder Stitching detail, not great but seems to be better than the World cup...

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Children speak about their Rights

After writing my piece about corporal punishment I decided to have an interview with my kids (7 & 9) and find out what their thoughts were about  human rights. I explained to them what human rights are and then they listed what they felt were rights which should be accorded to various groups. Right to be Disciplined Do you enjoy getting spanked and why? – No we don’t enjoy getting spanked – I don’t like being spanked because its sore on my bum Why do you get spanked? – For not listening – To not keep doing it over...

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