Author: Baynham Goredema

Review of the #30DayAfriblogger Challenge

When I took on the 30 Day challenge I had gone for almost 6 months without posting a blog so it was an incentive to get some content onto the site. 30 articles in 30 days, one article didn’t seem so bad. Wrong it turned out to be a tough challenge. There was point I wanted to quite, but I took this challenge on to test myself so I made a commitment to myself to see it through. Even if it meant that I would need to catch up on some days. But I am happy that its Day...

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You’re in a toxic relationship, Get Out!

Once people are in a relationship it seems all rationale and instinct are thrown out the window. Maybe that is the effect of ‘falling in love’. But while a couple is going out that is the time to keep your eyes open and to find out as much about your partner as possible. Your inquiries maybe seen as too snoopy but you need to safe guard yourself. But too often many go into relationships with their eyes closed. Differing faiths Mostly a problem if both of you are convicted of your beliefs. How can two walk together unless they...

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Cohabitation is a bad idea

Cohabitation is known as kuchaya mapoto in Shona. A practice whereby a man lives with a woman he has not paid lobola/roora/dowry for, most likely enjoying all the benefits of a married person. The practice is frowned upon culturally. At some point he will have to pay a fine called ‘damage’ to the woman’s family. Living with a partner before marriage puts one at huge risk of premarital sex. More often than not cohabitation is an agreement between the the couple and does not involve any other family members. It usually starts off secretly but naturally becomes exposed and...

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Date Your wife

Couples need time out from the full time job of parenting which constantly goes into overtime. we easily become engrossed in the day to day activities of keeping the family. Daily chores around the house which seem never to be completed. Spending a whole day at work trying to provide for the family, making sure bills are paid. Add to that kids looking for attention At the end of each day both husband and wife are spent, mentally, physically and emotionally. Repeat this routine daily and you can easily see the picture of a routine that can kill the...

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Children raised out of Wedlock

It is a great disservice to sire children and then not let them grow up in the matrimonial home. With the exception of children losing their parents to death, or a divorce due to infidelity, there is no reason why children should not be raised in their matrimonial homes. That these children grow up in the absence of one or both parents. Having grown up in a christian home, sex was only a preserve for the married. Obviously early on I didn’t fully understand this. But I now understand why this was so important. I was fortunate to have...

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