Author: Baynham Goredema

F is for Feminism

Over the past few years I have been following, albeit at a distance the feminist movement,  now known as the 3rd wave. I will not get into the nitty gritty’s of the movement, I stay away from discussing this hot potato. I have said words with no ill intention at all which have triggered such vile responses that I have now just decided to watch  from a distance. Any difference in opinion to the mainstream narrative of this movement easily leads to unhappy days on the internet which in another context could be defined as bullying. So it has...

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10 Favourite Zimbabwean Photographers

My father used to have cameras and he used to take lots of photos. I used to love going through old photos and getting an appreciation of times long gone. I was also enthusiastic about it and he taught us how to use the smaller cameras. In my quest to understand how it all worked I once opened one of the cameras we were trusted with. It could not be repaired beyond that. But My love for photography continued through college where we studied as one of the subjects. In my photographic journey I have met many diverse photographers...

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Can your spouse police what you wear?

Clothes on the large part play a functional role in my life and I wear them as a necessity against the elements and for the upholding of morality. Since we are one with my wife I have no problem with her policing what I wear. Because it doesn’t only reflect on me but on her as well. As a married man it does not look good on my wife if I leave the house to go to work with a dirty or shirt that is not ironed. Though I have no problem with clothes that are not ironed, I...

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Hair in Perspective

The politics of hair have their roots in the ever elusive beauty standards. Because of the differing ethnicities, how beautiful hair appears is up to the beholder. What maybe considered beautiful to one ethnic group may not be considered beautiful to another. Throw in mass media which has determined the narrative of what is or what is not beautiful, and mostly women are left with politics of how to deal with their hair. The differing head shapes lead to different hair styles. Hair is a form of expression of beauty. It could be argued that its for their own...

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Infertility and the yearning for children

One of the toughest tests of a marriage is the revelation that one is infertile and cannot bear children. One of the main reasons for marriage is procreation and once one is rendered to be infertile, some feel its no point continuing with the relationship. These are discussions that we often don’t discuss while we are going out. What if we cannot bear children how will it affect our relationship? Once a couple has tried to conceive and have failed it is almost always assumed it is the women who is infertile. The man may only question his fertility...

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