Author: Baynham Goredema

A Child’s right to Corporal Punishment

A recent case of child abuse by their parents made me want to revisit the issue of corporal punishment. It brought to light why some have advocated for its abolishment. Of the 196 countries in the world 49 of them have seen the need to ban corporal punishment while 52 have committed to reform their laws to do so. I am an advocate for corporal punishment and believe its a child’s right to be spanked occasionally. But I do not condone abuse or violence. One of the issues of concern whenever corporal punishment is mentioned is the definition of...

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20 Qualities of a Good Leader

We get the leaders we deserve. We as a people need to be more diligent when choosing leaders in our churches, communities and country. For leadership within the church there is a clear guideline of qualities necessary for anyone who aspires to lead the people of god. 1 Timothy 3 vs 1- 13 sets out the standard for men who would lead his people. The elder is the highest office within the church, and the position is only spoken of in plurality. There cannot be one elder overseeing a congregation neither is any one elder above another, all are...

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The Case of Wellington Musapenda and freedom of expression

The Chronicle newspaper of Zimbabwe – a regional paper for the Matebeleland province – published a cartoon drawn by Wellington Musapenda which resulted in controversy with accusations against the cartoonist of being sexist and tribalistic. The initial reaction to the cartoon was that of condemnation and shock but these reactions are largely hypocritical as much worse has been said and has not caused any outrage. Though it has caused some to be uncomfortable and some have been offended, it has sparked a debate. The cartoon could have been derived from these two articles  Mat’land, Midlands post worst school results...

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Never Lundu – Zimbabwe’s bat doctor [Documentary]

I have always had a love for docmentary film making so when I read the article by Brighton Zhawi titled Meet Zim’s ‘bat doctor’ in the Sunday Mail, I decided to search for Never Lundu and document his fascinating story and film my first film. I decided to get in touch with him and see if he would be interested in documenting his story. One of the national team players got me his number and we arranged for a time date and time. We met up at the Academy during a Tuskers vs Eagles Logan Cup match. Then we...

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Font Design – Haus Ethnik Dingbats

Haus Ethnik Dingbats, my first type design project, is a collection of motifs inspired from modifications on ethnic patterns derived from Zimbabwean material culture. Before I went to college I used to experiment with letterforms. When we studied Ancient Egypt in History class we were introduced to hieroglyphics and it was fascinating. I created my own alphabet inspired by the hieroglyphs and I crushed tomato leaves to create a green ink and used a bamboo to write on coffee or tea treated paper, which I would roll up and burn the edges to create a dated document of which...

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