Author: Baynham Goredema

Close encounter with an elephant in Victoria Falls!

Since the beginning of my layout stint of the quarterly Zambezi Traveller Newspaper, I have been going to Victoria Falls very often. Common to this time of the year between May and August, the elephants come into the town and roam the yards in search of food. I thought it would be really cool to see the elephants and couldn’t wait for my first encounter. A size 7 shoe Friday night after some heavy rains that day, we had three huge visitors all almost three metres high with tusks for days! I saw them coming through from my cottage...

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6 Sacred animals of Zimbabwe

One Sunday on arriving to church, my wife pointed out two owls that were in a tree, and I took my camera and I snapped some photos. They had beautiful, big round eyes. I have always been fascinated by birds of prey having done science projects about them when I was in primary school. Outside our house we have two huge trees and owls used to come there almost every night throughout my child hood and used to hoot. For me owls were just normal birds of prey which were nocturnal. Unfortunately many people in Zimbabwe fear and loathe...

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Games we played in the hood – Hwishu (Ghetto cricket)

Growing up in the 90s in Zimbabwe children had to find alternative means of entertainment. Today the youth have so much at their disposal, TV the whole day with different channels, internet, toys, and play stations. Unfortunately with this boom of entertainment at their disposal, todays youth are not required to be creative and resourceful and tend to have less friends because of staying indoors so much. We had to improvise for toys, using bricks as cars and making wire cars. My main focus today will not be on the the toys but on the games that we played...

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8 Ways to avoid becoming a victim of Xenophobia

D-Day 12th of July, the day after the world cup came to a close, xenophobic attacks had been planned, according to the media. Foreigners fled in droves, while the officials said they were just seasonal workers and wait for it… tourist who had come to watch the soccer and were going back home! These threats seemed to end as just that, threats, although there were some incidences but compared to 2008, nothing happened this time around. The police are to be commended for their reluctant proactiveness. The police and army being deployed in various hot spots, any attempts at...

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I am Xenophobia!

Hi my name is Xenophobia, got that name from my dad Xeno, (Xeno – is a prefix based on the Greek word “Xenos”, meaning stranger) and mom Phobia (from the Greek meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”). They thought that it was “cool” to join their names together since I was an only child! My parents are not actually Greek, they just have a passion for Greek mythology and semantics. Anyway to cut a long story short, I am my own person now and after centuries of touring the world I was not going to miss the worlds biggest sporting...

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