Author: Baynham Goredema

My Top 3 destinations to Visit in Africa

When I was growing up my wish was to travel overseas. Just go overseas wherever that was. I wanted to see all these places I had seen on TV. But as  I grew older the allure of overseas was lost on me. This mainly changed when we went on a choir tour around Zimbabwe. I realised I wanted to visit many places and none of those places included destinations within Zimbabwe. Yet Zimbabwe had many beautiful destinations. I set my mind to traveling to at least the major destinations in Zimbabwe. The one major destination I am left with...

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How I became a Graphic Designer

I honestly don’t remember what I used to say when asked what I wanted to be when I was a kid. And throughout school it was not anything I worried about or thought about. We generally didn’t discuss these things in our circles, playing was what occupied our minds. And we played all the way through to high school. The closest I got was being Maradona on the soccer field, Becker on the court or Viv Richards on the cricket field, but with no aspirations to take up sport professional and reach those dizzy heights of our heroes. In...

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Sex on the first date

I just can’t even fathom the idea having been raised in a christian home. What we learnt was sex was a preserve of married people. This was my guiding principle growing up and I was convicted of it and still am. That people should not engage in sex until they are married. So to think of the idea of sex on the first date!!!!! Phew. So what I keep hearing to rationalise such is that times have changed and we are living in a more advanced and liberal society. I would not condone sex on the first date. Dating...

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Food Glorious food

The one thing I don’t enjoy is eating out. I hate restaurants and I love home cooked food. Once in a while I would cook for my family and I always liked experimenting with combinations. I didn’t like to use a structured recipe and I also didn’t taste the food except cos I didn’t like two spoil the surprise. I remember the one time I put in so much mint in the veggies it tasted like tooth paste. Everyone complained but they grudgingly finished the food. I generally don’t like experimenting with food, because 99.9% of the time I...

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Fit as a fiddle!

When I was in high school I didn’t even worry about my fitness, I was super fit because of the sports I used to play during first term we had cross country and athletics and a bit of cricket. Second term which had the most strenuous fitness drills we played rugby and a bit of soccer. Third term was cricket tennis and swimming. I enjoyed sports so they being compulsory wasn’t a problem for me. Being extremely active through out the year also meant that we were fairly healthy together with the food we ate I guess. One thing...

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