Author: Baynham Goredema

Beitbridge Road – Zimbabwe’s Killer Highway

A short snippet of the dangerous stretch of road that is The Beitbridge road from Beitbridge border post to Masvingo. It is long overdue an upgrade to cater for the heavy volumes of traffic and to make it safe for drivers. How do we define a killer highway, does a certain number of people have to die each day? After traveling regularly along the Beitbridge to Harare highway I have come to the conclusion that this road can be termed a killer highway because many of the accidents leading to the deaths can be avoided. The Beigtbridge to Harare...

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Replacing a Lost Zimbabwe Passport – 2015

One of the worst things when expatriated in a foreign land is losing your passport because your whole life revolves around that document. So when I lost mine I knew I was in for a bit of hectic time in sourcing documents and traveling to and fro police stations and finally the consulate as it also came at a time when I was just about to travel. After a few days went to police stations in and around the CBD to check if the passport had been handed in by some good Samaritan. No luck, John Foster I went...

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