Author: Oswald Matiza

Wrestling Against God’s Authority

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, sings the hymn of creation in Genesis chapter one. The part of the hymn says man was given power to name all living creatures as he pleases. This was authority transferred from God to man. However, man was not satisfied with receiving a part of the authority, he craved for total authority. Now that man has tasted authority and is not content, he began to fight a war against God’s authority. Today as proved by the continued birth of denominations and religious groupings, man is wrestling against God’s authority....

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What have you sacrificed to follow Jesus

Greetings brethren. our word today comes from Luke 5v27-32.  ”After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector by the name Levi sitting at the tax booth. ‘Follow me,’ Jesus said to him, and Levi got up,  left everything and followed him. Levi held a great banquet for Jesus at his house, and a large crowd of tax collectors and others were eating with them.” There are two important points to consider here, – First Point – Levi left everything and followed Jesus. When God called us there were things which we were doing. We were involved in...

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Strive towards Unity

Brethren from our reading today, there are those who cause divisions in the church. These people would want to see you deviating from the way of Christ. One thing for sure these are people who are so close to you and include; spouses, children, parents and friends. Satan does not use a stranger to make you go astray, he uses your immediate associates. But today the word is saying WATCH OUT! do not let go your obedience that you have gained after a long time of work and faithfulness. I like it when the word says, ‘by smooth talk...

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What is prayer?

Prayer is generally seen as communication with God. However, today I want you to see prayer from another dimension.  Prayer is a journey of fulfilling hunger to feel God’s presence and to bask in an intimacy with the divine. It is man’s ultimate quest for intimacy with an immortal, universally existent, all-knowing, and all powerful God. To add, it is thinking God’s thoughts, desiring God’s desires, loving what God loves, willing the things that God wills, seeing what God sees and doing what God does. Prayer is also the pathway to becoming like Christ in mind and accepting an...

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Take up your personal Challenges

Jesus asked Peter, ‘Do you love me?’ and he used a particular verb for love, agapao. When Peter said he loved the lord, he used a different verb for love, phileo. Jesus asked Peter thrice and gave him a challenge to take care of the flock. Peter was challenged to provide good and quality leadership for God’s people. After all that has been said Jesus asked Peter to follow him. When faced with unavoidable challenge, Peter did what many of us do when faced with personal responsibility and accountability. He turned and saw John and asked Lord what about...

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