A short snippet of the dangerous stretch of road that is The Beitbridge road from Beitbridge border post to Masvingo. It is long overdue an upgrade to cater for the heavy volumes of traffic and to make it safe for drivers.

How do we define a killer highway, does a certain number of people have to die each day? After traveling regularly along the Beitbridge to Harare highway I have come to the conclusion that this road can be termed a killer highway because many of the accidents leading to the deaths can be avoided.

The Beigtbridge to Harare highway is probably the busiest highway in Zimbabwe. And because of its size and other factors it is also probably the most dangerous. Traveling along this stretch of road it is evident that it has claimed and continues to claim lives. After all these years I am surprised that our government has not seen the need to rebuild another main highway. Harare Mutare has seen that Highway resurfaced. for the Beitbridge road the best is to just rebuild a new one, not to patch up and resurface the current one. In this post I just focused on the stretch between Beitbridge and Masvingo which I feel is the most dangerous.

Trucks passing by each other on the very slim two lane road which is being eroded on both side

Ngundu growth point

A picturesque stretch of the highway

Roadworks on the side of the road, no warnings of such roadworks before or after

Vehicles being ferried from Durban

Young boys on scrounge around for scrap metal by a fresh wrackage

Its the main route for coaches ferrying people daily to South Africa

Clearly the highway cannot accommodate traffic traveling in the opposite directions, with some having to travel off the road.

Transporting huge mining vehicles and equipment to as far north as DRC

Police road blocks and regular intervals, a bit too many in my mind

Toll gates

A cyclist

Donkey drawn cart

A goat crosses the busy highway

Livestock responsible for some of the accidents on these highways

Donkeys also culprits for accidents

Would like to see some stats from AAZimbabwe about the accidents that happen on this road and the lives that are lost each year.

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