Zimbabwe cricket T20i Jersey – 2016

Zimbabwe cricket T20i Jersey – 2016

The latest jersey for Zimbabwe cricket team for T20 internationals. It was not easy to get this and its sad that there are not a lot of replica jerseys. The Test one is even more illusive. This could be a source of revenue for Zimbabwe. The logo This time its a button...

Font Design – Haus Ethnik Dingbats

Font Design – Haus Ethnik Dingbats

Haus Ethnik Dingbats, my first type design project, is a collection of motifs inspired from modifications on ethnic patterns derived from Zimbabwean material culture. Before I went to college I used to experiment with letterforms. When we studied Ancient Egypt in...

Wrestling Against God’s Authority

Wrestling Against God’s Authority

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, sings the hymn of creation in Genesis chapter one. The part of the hymn says man was given power to name all living creatures as he pleases. This was authority transferred from God to man. However, man was not...

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