Cohabitation is a bad idea

Cohabitation is known as kuchaya mapoto in Shona. A practice whereby a man lives with a woman he has not paid lobola/roora/dowry for, most...

Infertility and the yearning for children

One of the toughest tests of a marriage is the revelation that one is infertile and cannot bear children. One of the main reasons...

10 Years of Fatherhood – An introspection

Have been a father for 10 years! I thought I would share with you what fatherhood means to me and the journey so far....

Children speak about their Rights

After writing my piece about corporal punishment I decided to have an interview with my kids (7 & 9) and find out what their...

The Value of a Wife

My wife left for Zimbabwe for a month because of some funny rule at Roodepoort licensing department that says an accompanying spouse cannot get...


‘Jesus Appears to Thomas’ – Rembrandt reinterpreted

This exhibition was a commemoration of Rembrandts work. This commemoration was done throughout the world but the Harare show was the only...

Thankfully Loving Tatenda

King (Asaph Mambo Remix)

Compound Image of Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe, A life lived

Robert Mugabe Print

Did Mugabe live a full life?

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