Blue Roof Mugabe Residence

My Nightmare in Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence

I had a nightmare. I was being chased in the Blue Roof. As if that weak feeling you feel when being chased...

Remembering August 1 Shootings

An account of my day on the fateful day when the army of Zimbabwe shot dead 6 people in cold blood, four...

Move on Citizen Zimbabwe

The 2018 election has come and has gone and the result pretty much what was expected, There are now calls to say "Lets move...

Fear stands in the way of the Zimbabwe Elections 2018

Reason Zimbabwe is where it is now after 38yrs is because of FEAR. Fear is the immobilising factor in our country. Because of it...

Illustrated Countdown to the 2018 Zimbabwe Elections

I teamed up with a renowned illustrator, Anon to make a weekly illustrated comment on highlights of the week in the run up to...


‘Jesus Appears to Thomas’ – Rembrandt reinterpreted

This exhibition was a commemoration of Rembrandts work. This commemoration was done throughout the world but the Harare show was the only...

Thankfully Loving Tatenda

King (Asaph Mambo Remix)

Compound Image of Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe, A life lived

Robert Mugabe Print

Did Mugabe live a full life?

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