There was a time when I loved clothes, especially brand name clothing. Hip Hop played a big influence in the way I dressed through high school and college. We rarely went out but when we did we needed to dress for the occasion. We needed to be seen and to impress. Ive we needed to borrow clothes or shoes then that’s what we did. Clothes and shoes were a form of currency. ‘I will let you wear my Kani Jeans if you let me ride your BMX’ . We grew up at a time when we would get excited if we saw someone wearing a replica Jordan 23 vest even more so if he had a pair of Jordans to match!

There was only one place where we could get these brand clothes and that was Mupedzanhamo Second Hand Market also known as Kotamai Boutique. Two reasons I enjoyed shopping at Kotamai was one the sheer thrill of rummaging through clothes in the hope of finding something. You never knew what you were coming back with. Second reason was that what ever you did find, you Would be one of a very few people with such.

But as I started working I kind of out grew the whole label clothing thing. Clothing was now functional. The need to be seen was no longer there. Now my wife asks me what I want to wear and I just say what ever is clean. I don’t have any specific favourite clothes. What I do not like though is wearing layers of clothes during winter. I am am summer person and I love the sun. Winter comes with layering and I am not a fan of that.

Shoes on the other hand have sort of maintained their grip on me. I normally only buy good quality shoes cos shoes have to last me a couple of years, 3 at the least. I always have three types of shoes. Formal shoes for church and meetings, sneakers for sport and chilling and flip flops for chilling around the house. Sneakers are my favourite and again I bought second originals on the streets. My wife got me my only pair of brand new Nike sneakers two years ago for my birthday. This yeah I wanted to do an experiment with the fake sneakers that are every where, and the difference is there. I can’t play sport in them but they are okay for just dressing up and going.

My choice of clothes has met with some criticism, especially my love for sports socks,white to be particular. I find them extremely comfortable. But it seems its a fashion no – no to wear sports socks with formal wear. I don’t own a suit but even if I did I would still wear my white socks. I don’t see what the fuss is.

As I have grown older the novelty of clothes as a statement has faded. I don’t have any personal attachment to clothing, I learnt this the hard way. After my bro and I did some washing of clothes we had on a Saturday someone came and stole all off them wet off the line. This happened twice once in Harare and the other time in Mutare. So I know that clothes can be here today and gone tomorrow.


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