Since the beginning of my layout stint of the quarterly Zambezi Traveller Newspaper, I have been going to Victoria Falls very often. Common to this time of the year between May and August, the elephants come into the town and roam the yards in search of food. I thought it would be really cool to see the elephants and couldn’t wait for my first encounter.

A size 7 shoe

Friday night after some heavy rains that day, we had three huge visitors all almost three metres high with tusks for days! I saw them coming through from my cottage window and they were less than two metres away with only the wall of the cottage between me and these jumbos. I could hear their ears flapping, but no ground thumping movie effects when they walked! They are so silent its scary! Again the racket started this time I was not going to join in lest I draw any attention to myself and have them bash down the wall! So many thoughts were flooding my mind and I was thinking of all the horror scenarios that could take place! Until a local came to the yard with a pepper spray gun and blasted at the elephants who immediately set off out the yard.

I actually want to go on an elephant ride in Victoria Falls, but those two encounters with elephants certainly left me shaken and throughout the two weeks I would leave the main house as early as I could to avoid bumping into the Jumbos in the garden.

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