F is for Feminism


Over the past few years I have been following, albeit at a distance the feminist movement. Now known as the 3rd wave. without getting into the nitty gritty’s of the movement, I stay away from discussing this hot potato. I have said words with no ill intention at all which have triggered such vile responses. I have now just decided to watch  from a distance.

Any difference in opinion to the mainstream narrative of this movement easily leads to unhappy days on the internet which in another context could be defined as bullying. So it has proved to be difficult to have debates on questions I genuinely want clarity on with people who label themselves as feminist.

Feminism and Equality

The argument I commonly hear is that feminism is really all about equality. A movement focussing on bring women to the same plateau as men, where they are both treated equally. Equal pay, equal opportunities. Towards this end it seems in the 3rd wave of the feminist movement the gloves are off. The proponents of the movement have had to resort to radical and often times militant means so that they can be heard.

I understand why they have had to resort to such tactics because it seems this is the only way they can be heard and taken seriously. It shows that they mean business. The patriarchy (Another discussion for another time) will obviously not reform itself out of power. I don’t even think it can be done around a table of discussions. Which is why the movement has taken on a radical approach.

Women Against Feminism

Around 2015 I became aware of another counter movement of #WomenAgainstFeminism which seemed to be led by women who although they felt that the movement was not speaking to them and had gone overboard especially women to women who were content with being house wives and were happy to submit to the authority of the man in the home. They felt the feminist movement was too radical for them. They also seem to view it as an anti-men movement which is not what they subscribe to.

Within the feminist movement there seem to be a class divide with western feminists who enjoy most of the media attention hence their voice and issues are more magnified seemingly more important than those from Africa and other parts of the world. They certainly have what is generally referred to ‘first world problems’. This seems to have led to an appearance of privilege in the movement.

Men and Feminism

What is the role of men in the feminist movement? One thing I know for certain is that a lot of men only pretend to tow the line or just do not engage in the discussion which does not mean they have changed their minds or views hence it remains the same. When men are by themselves their true thoughts on this movement are expressed. If its an evolutionary thing then they are still not fully evolved yet.

Although it seems to have toned down over the last year or so. Either the movement has lost steam or mainstream media has moved on to other issues. One day I will delve into an idea of the role capitalism has played in the feminist movement.