With the Cricket World Cup #CWC15 around the corner, I decided to revisit a topic I brought up on Zimbabwe Cricket Forums of the possibility of converting Glamis Stadium into an international cricket ground.

I took the following pics I while I was at the showground to get some specs for a show stand I needed to design. I went to the Arena and the thought hit me that a Test Ground in the HEART of the Sunshine City is not a bad idea!

I think we could have a good case here and it would guarantee more fans there! Glamis for Test!

It is currently being used for Live shows and the annual agricultural show. HSC for Tests and some ODIs and then Glamis for a couple of T20s and first class, it will be good for exposure.

We have not heard much about the cricket ground in Victoria Falls.

But seems it will be completed by end of this year and the much awaited flood lights for Harare Sports Club will also be done enabling day and night matches, something that I am eagerly looking forward to!

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