King (Asaph Mambo Remix)


A friend of mine McPotar sent a track to me and I enjoyed it, and it turned out to be part of the #MamboChallenge. The instrumental to Mambo by Asap was provided for artists to reinterpret. I hadn’t written any rhymes of late and thought that would be a perfect opportunity to write and record a track. So below is my interpretation. I was a bit late to the party cos I took a while before I could record. You can view the video here.

Mhofu yemukono
Mwendamberi bring it!

[Verse 1]
BreaKING the silence a King has arisen
from Rza to Gza behold it’s the Bzaah

WaKING up all of sudden we woken
they talking bout using this rhyme as a token  

ShaKING up steadily ripping rap medleys
already knighted and crowned as the deadly

TaKING the bars from afar Tzar shooting star
‘vited to spit, spar, leave you with scars 

FaKING it them know, they won’t be making it,
Raking it, no bread even at Bakers Inn 

QuaKING knees, we sting bees with ease,
I sneeze you freeze up, leave me alone. Pease!

BreathtaKING ran out of breath just from thinking it,
tailor be knitting me something be fitting me

LawbreaKING candidly, people been evil 
since needles in rag dolls hung up on church steeples

MatchmaKING novices kept breaking promises, 
laid down in offices across all provinces 

PeacemaKING spinning round tables with fables 
of countries destabled through diplomat cables