Mhondi Ngadziende


A song about the call for ZANU PF to go on the occasion of the 31 July protest. Despite the army being deployed and the usual ZANU PF militia’s who were obviously ready to cause violence with impunity. They were in for a surprise as no marches headed towards the city centres and they were left to demonstrate the might on their own. But this is just the beginning.


Our people have fled their homes, fled their country, 
Fearing abduction, and arrest for expressing their desire for a better life, 
Terrorised by blood-thirsty beasts that devour its own children.
We have lost wives, mothers and sisters, because of the failed health system. 
Stripped of our dignity and wealth plundered from our accounts, 
Our parent’s pensions have been pillaged. 
We have to make a stand if not for ourselves 
Then let us not fail our children and future generations
Let us peacefully make a stand once and for all

Verse 1

Bastardisation, a fatherless nation without a leader
Surviving in the present while divided we don’t conquer
Repression, violently stifling expression of free will
Silently speaking through ballots, ignored us
Colonisation no different from that Rhodes fella
No better, Broke debtor, wrote letters, broke fetters
Population mercilessly trampled by  masked men
State of emergency heartlessly starving us                                     
Abduction just another day in the life
Shackled up, No warrant, cops claim to know nothing 
Elimination, civils disappear we fear
Assassinated by the state by premeditated death
Corruption  blood suck depleting resources
Country left dry only false prophets and losses
Prescription overdosing masses with violence, 
Degrees, amputees, levels never before seen 

Mhondi, mhondi dzati tambudza, saka mhondi ngadziende
Mhondi Ngadziende (Till fade)

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