How NOT to cause Offense


In this day and age it is absolutely imperative to be aware of the fickle nature of society who easily take offense. With the advent of the internet society has advanced and the world has shrunk to become one global village.

Unfortunately it seems the citizens of this village have become very soft skinned. To such a point that some have taken it upon themselves to be the prefects of the internet, they even have their own name Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), who monitor the internet looking for occasions to be offended. Once offended they will throw tantrums which can easily lead you to losing your job. Basically you have to master the fine art of walking on egg shells. So with that said here are a few pointers so that you walk these streets armed and prepared!

Don’t Have an opinion

You’ve heard about the term ‘speak your mind’ forget it its a trap! There are certain topics you just cannot have an opinion about, no matter how progressive the people around you are. Unless of course your opinion is in line with the status quo. Freedom of speech and expression are a myth. If only we could be tolerant of each others differing views.

Don’t Joke

This is not a joke. Humour is not allowed. Jokes you laugh at everyday with everyone will lead you into serious trouble. Once again there are certain sacred topics that you cannot joke about. Its not funny! These internet prefects have no sense of humour. Though they seem to enjoy it when you lose your job because of your comment on thread on Facebook. Unless if you are a renowned comedian then you can get away with saying the vilest things, even if you do mean it, you will begin a pass because its ‘just satire’.

Victim is always right

There is no occasion that the victim of anything can be wrong and you cannot question any facts that maybe blatant. Not more can be said. Save yourself and just watch from the sidelines.

Just ignore the facts

Be very selective in the facts that you state, or the research that you quote. This whole movement is all about feelings and ignores the facts. If you pull out facts you will be countered by alternative facts which are not really facts but have become fact because they said so.

Be outraged

Be outraged at anything. Outrage is okay because its not really about real action and not much is required from you. Being outraged shows that you really care about whatever people are being outraged at any given time, and there is no shortage of things to be outraged about. Don’t, take stock after 6 months of the things you were outraged about to see which ones actually changed cos of the outrage. Don’t bother.

This would have been a story with a happy ending but these internet prefects have jumped out of the screen and are patrolling our streets, they could be in your neighbourhood, next to your work cubicle, it could even be you…