Today I come to you with a study of how God saves his people. Scripture study is from Genesis 6, 1 Pet 3:20, Romans 6:3. From the story of Noah I would like to bring forth the concept of oneness of salvation. God after seeing that his people were now wicked, he favoured Noah and instructed him to build an ark. To Noah from God’s order there was no any other means by which he was to be save other than that of the ark. Brethren lets note that ONE ARK was to save men. I think there were other means other than that, but God’s salvation is only of one pattern. Why didn’t he say let each man build his own ark? Oh brethren the issue of one body the church comes in. So God saved 8 souls in that one ark. As said by Paul in the book of Romans that baptism saves us today through Christ, the same is said to have saved the people in the ark of Noah. One salvation from one Lord.

Today salvation comes again in the pattern of oneness and that is through Christ and his church. The church is that which was resembled by Noah’s ark. The baptism is one again as Christ is one. Brethren, I challenge you not to separate the church from the salvation and say we are saved by baptism alone. Do you think Noah and his family were going to be saved by the flood alone without the Ark? If yes why then did God command him to build an Ark? Salvation is in the ONE church, the church promised in Matt 16:18 and the promise was to build one church not churches nor sects.

Therefore its up to an individual to take up this challenge and assess whether you are part of the one salvation found in the one Ark, the church of Christ where there is one baptism, one Lord, one Spirit and one faith and hope. Let the truth prevail, one church for one Lord and God! That is how our Lord has designed salvation from the beginning. May we find the one and true salvation today. God bless you. Enjoy your weekend.

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