Supernatural: The Prophets vs The Winchester Brothers


Zimbabwe is under siege from blood suckers, demons bent on possessing humans, frogs that milk ladies, snakes in handbags which spit money and many more. There certainly seems to be a need for heroes in shining armour to deliver folk from these monsters.

What is happening in Zimbabwe would not be out of place in an episode of Supernatural (The CW Television Network,USA), a series which features two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester who are on a mission to save the world from the Apocalypse hence they have to slay all sorts of demons, ghosts, vampires and monsters. While watching this series recently I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the recent surge of miracle working prophets in Zimbabwe to the TV series.

The two prominent prophets at the moment are Prophet Ubert Angel and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa each famous for their Miracle money and Miracle weight loss videos respectively.

After watching I decided to compile a list of these similarities between the Winchester Brothers, Dean and Sam and The Prophets, Eubert Angel and Emmanuel Makandiwa from Zimbabwe.


The Winchesters will go anywhere where duty calls and they don’t select who to minister to. They don’t wait for people to come they go out and get em
The Prophets Makandiwa and Angel only seem to follow the money. And they don’t seem to be easily accessible even to their own church members judging by the demeanour of the body guards that are constantly around the two prophets. I fail to understand why the ‘powerful men of God’ need body guards of the flesh anyway?

Out of Body Experience

Prophet Angel has been to heaven and back. How can you not believe a prophet who has been to heaven and back!
Dean Winchester has been to hell and back. He has seen it all and was slaying leviathan in hell and was surprisingly saved by an angel in Hell!


The Prophets Makandiwa and Angel both speak in unknown tongues to ‘confuse’ the devil and it seems they are always the prelude to miracles happening or a sign of ‘getting into the spirit’. Tongues also seem to be invoked in casting out demons and in deliverance rituals.
The Winchesters also speak in tongues. Sometimes its a movie form of Latin or some ancient language that is not in use anymore. Either way they use these tongues to cast spells on monsters and demons and bind them or destroy them

Slaying in the Spirit

Sam seems to have demon blood inside him so with that power he can ‘slay’ other demons without any physical contact
Both Prophet Angel and Makandiwa are able to ‘slay’ demons in the spirit without any physical contact. The most common method is a swiping of the leg so the church member falls to the ground from the spiritual force.

Spiritual Father

I really don’t know who came up with the concept of each prophet to have an earthly spiritual father obviously held in higher regard than other members, anyway the Prophet Angel and Makandiwa have Victor Kusi Boateng from Ghana as their spiritual father. The Winchesters have their father who is late but they constantly refer to him in flash backs.

The Anointing

The Winchesters were anointed from birth as they were born into a blood line of ‘hunters’ which were people who could hunt demons without being possessed by them and had the power to destroy them.
Prophets Makandiwa and Angel also claim to have an anointing from God which is in greater measure than other christians hence they are able to heal the sick, and perform various miracles. What sets them apart from The Winchesters though is that they can actually transfer a portion of their anointing by blowing or throwing it at their members. The anointing hits them with such force they normally fall to the ground with a shout from the prophet to ‘Receive!’

Holy Water

The Prophets Angel and Makandiwa also use cloths and garments which are ‘holy’. Some people have been known to pay thousands of dollars to own garments worn by the prophets. In Nigeria TB Joshua sells anointed water which people travel all over the world to acquire.
The Winchsters have holy water which they use strictly for the business of getting rid of monsters or slowing them down. They also have guns that shoot salt pebbles.

The Book

The Prophets Makandiwa and Angel have the Bible as their guide which they quote from and when the book is not sufficient they get extra revelation direct from God through dreams and visions, basically meaning the Bible is not the final authority in regards to salvation of the human race.
The Winchester have there dads journal which he used to document how to handle certain monsters and what spells to use when. When this is not sufficient they also seek extra revelation from their friend bob or from the internet…

Miracle Money

The Winchesters are not formally employed, yet they always have money to go around the country to wherever duty calls staying in cheap hotels and buying fast food. Where they get the money to sustain their activities is anyones guess.
The Prophets Angel and Makandiwa are a step up because they have the power to create money from nothing, they can declare to ATMs to release money and the ATMs will submit in fear. And the Prophets can eat all they want because Prophet Makandiwa can demand the fat to burn and the body to shrink at the shout of his voice.

The Acts of the Monster Slayers

The gullible followers are the biggest losers and I think once they realise this has been a performance they will probably feel much like I did when I realised wrestling was fake. After all these fantastic acts of demon slaying and deliverance, the cameras stop rolling the Winchesters and The Prophets and all go home after a hard days work, fully well knowing that what they do is a well choreographed act. If for some unfortunate reason they have have started believing that they are actually slaying demons then its a very sad state for sure.

If you want to see Prophets Angel and Makandiwa in action here are some examples.

Miracle Money – Prophet Eubert Angel
Singing in tongues – Prophet Eubert Angel
I went to heaven – Prophet Eubert Angel
Slaying in the spirit – Prophet Eubert Angel
Instant Weight Loss – Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Annointing – Prophet Eubert Angel
Miracle Weight loss – Prophet Eubert Angel