I don’t go out that much, I hate restaurants so eating out would never be anywhere close to an event that would leave any kind of good impression on me that I would remember it many years later. Live sport and music is what I would be interested in and would naturally be at the top of my favourite memories of an event. I would go watch a sport live which I normally wouldn’t like. Or go to a live music show of a musician I do not enjoy listening to. There is something about a live performance that always intrigues me.

Live music has provided some of my most memorable events, and all these have been at HIFA (Harare International Festal of the arts, which in itself is a great experience). Some shows which come to mind are the first time I saw Winky D on stage at the Coca Cola Green, the crowd was so raucous that I couldn’t stay for the full show cos I was with my wife, but the energy and love that the crowd showed was electric!

The two outstanding events I ever attended were the Ishmael Lo and the Edith We Utonga shows. The Ishmael Lo show was special because I got to watch one of my favourite African musicians and his execution and stage presence was captivating. There were people crying in the crowd when he sang some of his hits especial Tajabone. And then he had the crowd participating in Jammu Africa. It was such a beautiful and touching set, and his voice was out of this world! It was laid back concert of just pure musical genius.




On the hand Edith We Utonga rocked the Global Stage with a performance like i have never seen at HIFA. That show holds a place in eye heart because it is everything I have always wanted HIFA shows to be. The venue was filled to capacity and people were dancing in front of the stage. She collaborated with Busi Ncube. One thing I love about live music is when the artist does a rendition of a song that is not found on the album. Edith did her rendition of Chipendani with Busi Ncube which took the song to another level! They also did timeless True Love by Ilanga! As usual the show ended with the audience still shouting for more. It was worth every dime.

My favourite sports include rugby, tennis, basketball, and on accession if I bump into it I will sit and watch tennis. But the only sport I go out my way to follow and go out and watch live is cricket. And my goal was to watch all test playing countries live. And since my first match I watched in 1992 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe at Harare Sports Club we traveled from Mutare to watch that match. At that time Pakistan had the greatest bowlers in world cricket Imran Khan and Waqar Younis and it was not a match to be missed. It was such a thrill to see those men in action. And that started my journey of watching international cricket. Up to now I have watched all the test playing nations live.

The stand out match was against Bangladesh at Harare Sports Club at a time when Zimbabwe and Bangladesh were neck and neck in terms of ability. The game was a tight one with Zimbabwe chasing the Bangladeshi score. There was a dramatic passage of play where Zimbabwe lost three wickets in a row, gifting the ever so elusive hattrick. People started filing out of the ground, angrily shouting obscenities at the players as they left the ground.

That hat trick brought Tawanda Mupariwa to the crease. All along Brendan Taylor had been holding fort at one end but losing partners at the other end and all seemed lost. This was going to be another losing cause which we had become accustomed to. But Mupariwa played a blinder of an innings taking on the Bangladesh team. The match went right to the wire as we needed 17 runs in the final over. It was Brendan Taylor vs Moshrafe Mortaza.

It came down to the very last ball where we needed 6 runs off the last ball and Mushrafe succumbed to the pressure and Taylor kept his cool and delivered a sick off the last ball to give Zimbabwe victory and seal the series. The crowd which was on their feet for the last ball broke over the boundary barriers and invaded the pitch. This was one event that still gives me goose bumps when I think of it.

The beauty about all these events is that for a short time they took us to a place so far away from the daily hustle and struggles that we faced in our country. Its was such events that gave me hope that one day we can have a Zimbabwe where we would be one and enjoy each others company and support each other and inspire each other…


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