20 Quotes from the Prophetess Beverly Angel


After watching Miracle Money by Prophet Eurbert Angel  I had intended to do a full exposé on the teaching that is in that video that is clearly not from the Bible, but the whole video is almost four hours long and I just got weary listening to it and seeing it. This was my first time to hear him speak at length after I had just heard about him. I watched most of the 3hrs 41mins of the sermon until I couldn’t bear it anymore.

So this is what religious Zimbabwe was raving about, impressed by the forensic prophecy and charismatic preaching and wonders? These very people a few years ago were raving about Pastor Chris. Like reeds blown in the wind tomorrow they will be looking for their next fix.

Here are a few quotes from the first 2 minutes of that video. The rest all 3hrs 41mins is just like it, no real biblical substance.

“We don’t write the budget down we write the vision down, so that he who sees it may run”
“Whatever word you speak is a thing its a substance”
” I wish I was somewhere else maybe the people there would not be this quiet, silence bores me (inondi bowa!!!) ”
” In the prophetic we work with noise, our spirits they don’t really work well with silence ”
” Prophets are always working with noise”
“Today I might do some small small”
“I am gonna prophecy crazy, CRAZY!” (To loud cheers)
“Prophets are not your usual type, no, we live in a different planet”
“We don’t live where you you can breathe, so we are likened to eagles”
“Par sou ka bra te” (Speaking in tongues…)

About a month ago I came across a video by Prophetess Beverly Angel who is Eurbert Angels wife. She was in Norway for some conference and in this clip she talks about the works and wonders that are happening at their church. In it she makes some bold assertions most of which cannot be verified and are at par with the essence of Christs teachings. All this is said to impress the listeners with what they have done and who they are. Nothing to do with Christ really.

I decided to document quotes from this video and when written down it even sounds more ludicrous. Go through the list and make up your own mind if these are truly men & women of God or Charlatans.

1. “24 people raised from the dead last year”

2. “God performing crazy miracles”

3. “Miracle weight loss, people losing weight instantly, 50 kilos just falling off somebody”

4. “Miracle weight gain for skinnier people”

5. “We have also seen tall people grow shorter, Short people growing taller”

6. “People with serious addictions being saved just like that, addictions disappearing in an instant”

7. “We have seen people who are extremely dark going lighter”

8. “We have seen people with big shoe sizes going smaller, and I am actually one of them, I lost one shoe size”

9. “We have seen Miracle money, just money being declared in a meeting, and people having money in their bags, in their hands, in their bank accounts, and even phone credit, just peoples phones getting money, money, money!”

10. “We have seen gadgets coming to life, refrigerators that had stopped working, five years, ten years, come back to life”

11. “When you look at me I do provoke some demons”

12. “I look good for someone who has four kids clap hands for me!”

13. “Our ministry started in our house and we were seeing angels on a daily basis, we were communing with angels on a daily basis”

14. “There is no anointing I am using of my own, I am submitting under my husband”

15. “The word came to us two years ago to pioneer forensic prophecy in Africa. We call it forensic prophecy because its picking up the very small details in your life, minute details in your life.”

16. “When a ministry is being persecuted that is proof enough that God is at work in that ministry”

17. “We have started record labels taking back the music from the world, back into the kingdom”

18. “May miracles happen right now in your life in the name of Jesus, may you receive the break through that you desire, may you receive everything that you want in the name of Jesus”

19. “If you miss this wave that the Holy Spirit has created right now there is never going to be another wave”

20. “There is something that I am getting right now, I am getting something right now …”

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Let me know your thoughts about the “wave of the holy spirit” that is sweeping through Zimbabwe, fact or fiction?