2018 – The year in Retrospect


A collection of some of the highs and lows that made 2018 the year it was! #2018BOTY Though the year started off tough it ended on a high note and we look forward to another year.

Jordan Peterson

I opened the year with the interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman and have followed him through out the year and have listened to many of his talks. I enjoy his approach to many issues especially his take on the Politically Correct culture. Through out the year it seemed every journalist wanted to have his go at him hoping to b e the one who takes down the giant. 

HIFA Workshop

I enjoyed the workshop I did at HIFA. It was a three day workshop where for two hours each day I had people come over to my stall and we would print. I managed to sell a lot of prints too.


We were blessed with a precious little girl which we named Venekai (God shed your light on us!). She has brought much joy to the family but has obviously dislodged our former last born from her position and benefits!

Zimbabwe Cricket – Failed to make the World Cup

Being hosts of the Cricket World Cup Qualifiers, a lot of expectation was on the Zimbabwe cricket team and with a group that consisted of Scotland, Ireland UAE, Afghanistan and WI our chances looked good. With the return of Brendan Taylor and Kyle Jarvis on some really hefty salaries all seemed like a wrap.But the stats were not so encouraging. But it cane to the last match where we had to beat UAE to qualify, easy right? Nope. We struggled with Craig Ervine playing as if he was playing for a day 4 draw in a test. The hopes of a nation were dashed and we failed to qualify for the World Cup. But honestly with the current state of ZC this result should not have surprised many who follow Zim Cricket. 

World Cup Soccer

#iHateSoccer, I was supporting all the African teams, then Argentina which was abysmal and were lucky to make it to the second round. Croatia, Belgium and Japan. The highlight was Germany, Spain, Portugal going out early! 

BSR – Most interesting read

This year had me following Alex Magaisa and his riveting take on politics in Zimbabwe. It was a mash up of history, law and satire. What I liked the most was his simple delivery, though long were engaging. 


As I decided to vote for the first time since becoming eligible to vote `I was looking forward to the experience and the journey! From travelling from SA just to vote to attending the star rally with Nelson Chamisa in Harare. It was an electric atmosphere and there was so much hope and expectation in the air!

Elections #ElectionsZW 

The elections came and though there was much higher turnout, with the much expected youth vote. Sadly as what we have come to expect with Zim elections there was rigging before the election during and after elections. The new cabinet was the final nail in the coffin to show us that there will be no change. So we are back to the old lipsticked ass the ‘new dispensation’

Blog Relaunch 

I went almost the year without my blog and no posting. I streamlined it and worked on the SEO and stripped some articles which were no longer relevant and changed the theme. https://twitter.com/bayhaus/status/1043476679874826240

August 1 – Mothlante Commission #August1Inquiry

The enquiry was always going to be a sham after the president was the one who set up the commission to investigate himself. The inquiry into the shootings was exactly what we had all expected after how ZEC and the Concourt had performed.  But the commission itself though set up for obvious PR exercise, brought some much needed entertainment value and the witnesses had their way. 


Once again We stooped to very low levels as a n outbreak of Cholera ravaged Harare and led to many events being cancelled except university graduations in which the President was officiating at. The fact that we still get cholera in Zimbabwe is truly sad.

Daughter Hospitalised

The biggest shake in 2018 was when my daughter was admitted into hospital for an overdose of paracetamol. Have never been so afraid in my life!Thankfully she didn’t ingest a critical amount and she was in hospital for four days. It meant that we were in hospital too as we stayed there only going home for baths and preparing meals. While there I encountered a young girl who had been there for months same age as our daughter. She had been raped by her father! Evilness I just couldn’t comprehend.

Restore legacy single

I produced a single which I had worked on early this year. I was my take on the events leading up to the coup 

Post cards

I took on a project to send out post cards to friends and family and interested followers on Facebook and Twitter. These were photos of my print work. Some were received and some are still on their way! I sent over 100 postcards.

All in all it was a great year which started off tough but ended on a better note and now we look forward to the new year! Happy New year