90s Games We Played – Dhiritsa


This ball game consists of flat bricks which can be piled up one on top of the other. You can have as many people as possible in two equal teams.


To build up a stack of bricks while dodging a ball.

How to Play

Team [X] needed to stack the bricks while dodging the ball. Team [A] would try to strike the players while they stack up the bricks. If you were hit you would be eliminated. A member of team X could catch the ball without it touching the ground. If he managed to do that then he could throw it as far as he could. Whilst giving other players time to stack the bricks.

Once all bricks are stacked and balanced, then then you destroy the stack and any players eliminated would come back in and start again.  Otherwise if all are eliminated then the teams swap.


Players will get counted out if they don’t come into he middle to build the bricks.

Other games

Games we also played included; Hwishu, Hwai Hwai, Fish FishNhodo, One Touch, Dhudhudza, Raka Raka, Matsva, Chisveru, Deya, Chihwande hwande, Chabuta, Stechu, Hondo yemaKinha, Tauya Kunoona Mary, Country Game and Pada

As this is a work in progress it will continue to be updated. If you have other descriptions and games please post them via the feedback page.