90s Games We Played – Nhodo


Nhodo consists of normally about 10 pebbles in a circle or a shallow hole. Players sit around the circle with their own pebble which is called the ‘mbuga’.


The game has 10 stages. You need to empty out all the pebbles in the circle through a process of elimination over the 10 stages. Can have two or more players.

How to Play

In stage 1 (Mamu One) You toss your mguga into the air then you drag more than one pebbles, out before your mguga falls and you catch it. You then toss the mguga again in the air and drag back all the pebbles leaving one pebble out. This pebble you keep it and repeat this until all 10 stone have been eliminated from the circle. Once you have cleared stage one you go to stage 2 (Mamu Two). You repeat the same process as stage one only you drag more than two and you have to remain with two when you return the pebbles back into the circle.


If you drop your mguga you lose a turn and the next player gets a turn to play. They pick up from where you have left off but start from stage 1. If they clear all the ones in the circle players with pebbles they would have eliminated will have to surrender them back into the circle. When dragging out and you fail to drag out the minimum number then you lose a turn. When dragging and you over shoot the circle you also lose a turn. Or if you fail to leave the minimum outside you will also lose your turn.

Other games

Games we also played included; Hwishu, Hwai Hwai, Fish FishOne Touch, Dhudhudza, Raka Raka, Dhiritsa, Matsva, Chisveru, Deya, Chihwande hwande, Chabuta, Stechu, Hondo yemaKinha, Tauya Kunoona Mary, Country Game and Pada

As this is a work in progress it will continue to be updated. If you have other descriptions and games please post them via the feedback page.