90s Games We Played – One Touch


This game is like one on one soccer which you are only allowed to make contact once with ball for each turn. Teams can have one or two players depending on the size of the playing area. With each team protection


It is usually the first to 3 or 5 goals wins. The one who is beaten is knocked out and the next challenger comes in.

How to Play

You kick the the ball from goal to goal with the objective of scoring. You can use your head and chest to defend your goal. You can come out as far as you want from the goal as well. In defending where ever the ball lands that is where your opponent can kick from.


You will be penalised for handling the ball.

Other games

Games we also played included; Hwishu, Hwai Hwai, Fish FishNhodo,  Dhudhudza, Raka Raka, Dhiritsa, Matsva, Chisveru, Deya, Chihwande hwande, Chabuta, Stechu, Hondo yemaKinha, Tauya Kunoona Mary, Country Game and Pada

As this is a work in progress it will continue to be updated. If you have other descriptions and games please post them via the feedback page.