90s Games We Played – Raka Raka


Raka Raka is a game of elimination where you have two teams. The X represents one team and the dot the opposition. It can be played by an even number of players from four upwards.


The diagram above was usually drawn on concrete using charcoal, soapstone or in the sand.

How to Play

All team members X start in the Home Bas[A] and move into safe zone and start counting from 1. X needs to get from one safe zone [B] to the next. Team O will have two representatives [C] who will throw a ball between themselves. They eliminate any member of team X from getting to the next safe zone by striking them with the ball. If hit before you make it to the next safe zone, you get eliminated. If you make it you gain a point, each safe zone is worth one point and the number accumulates each time you enter a safe zone. [D] is a safe passage.


You can get penalized if [C] reaches 10 passes between themselves without anyone running from one safe zone to the next.

Team X can regain the lives of those eliminated by reaching the games limit which can be 54 which is all the points accumulated with 54 being the Home base [A]. Once 54 had been reached everyone who was eliminated would have to run from the sidelines into the save zone again. You could get struck and be eliminated before you got back into the safe zone. If you wander out of the safe zone you can be hit by the ball and eliminated. Once all team members have been eliminated team X and O swap and you start again.

Other games

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