Africa, The universe is not fair. Deal with it and move on!


During the Rio Olympics, there was an interesting theory regarding the Russian doping scandal which saw most of it’s athletes being banned from the games. The theory was that the Russian Federation “state-sponsored” doping in a bid to show political strength and domination through sport. Whether or not this is true is still to be determined, but it gives an idea of the power hungry world that we live in. That of dominance.

African leaders, have often referred to the west as “those that do not want to see us prosper”. They have labeled the west neocolonialists, and whether that is true or not is another debate, but it begs the question, “What kind of world do we really expect?” Do we expect a world that is fair? Where we gain from our resources at the right cost? Where we get favours? The truth is, there is no fairness, never has been and probably never will be. So why should we as Africans complain that the west is not fair?

The problem is we take things personally and forget that the world is a competitive arena as determined by nature. You either dominate or be dominated. It is the way of life. Colonisation has been there throughout the history of humanity. territorial, tribal, racial, religious and even in the animal kingdom. In fact, the entire universe is a competitive arena, with earth fighting for its survival, planets being wiped out and new ones being born.  So why should African countries complain about fairness in a universe that is naturally not fair? From whom are we expecting favours, and why?

It seems as if colonisation took place only Africa but we forget that it also happened to many other states or empires, even among African tribes themselves, from the Byzantine period to ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, Greece, Indians vs cowboys. The game has always been the same, dominate or be dominated. That is just how the world works. Instead, what we do as Africans is let our leaders hide behind this propaganda that somehow the west is responsible for all our problems and does not want us to develop. That they have an agenda, when in fact our lack of development is largely due to the way we conduct ourselves as nations. Corrupt leaders and dictators, who think that they are here to save Africans and that the people do not know what they want but should be guided.

This kind of thinking hurts us more than the west probably does. As a matter of opinion, it is these leaders that do not want Africa to develop because it is in their best interest as they loot state resources and funds, delegate senior positions to family members and expand their political dynasties. They castigate the west and then do business with them behind their people’s backs, for their own personal gains. Only in Africa, Only in Africa.
It is greed, corruption and dictatorship that is Africa’s worst enemy. This belief that one person is responsible and knows what’s best for an entire nation.

What has the African Union done to address these issues which are at the core of development? Nothing. Why? Because it is littered with the above mentioned individuals who cling to power, engage in corrupt activities with the west and torture their own people for speaking their mind.

If we as Africa want to develop, first we have to acknowledge our real, internal problems and secondly acknowledge the fact that the world is a competitive arena that is not fair. We have to go out and take on world but doing so strategically, because we are sure as hell not going to get any favours. Everyone wants to dominate. The US, Russia, Britain, China, France e.t.c…. They all want to dominate. But they are not complaining, they are just doing it. They are moving ahead, changing leadership and getting fresh ideas and perspectives while our leaders sink their corrupt roots even deeper.

If we think we should have a say or place in the UN, then lets justify it, but let us not complain. Africa has resources yes, but it’s not the only place with resources. It just differs, Africa has natural resources, the west has technological resources and there’s nothing special about that. If the west comes for our natural resources, what stops us from going after their technological resources? Which of the two is easier to get?

The problem is when we begin to think that we should get favours because of our past as pay-back or that we are special in some way because of the resources that we possess. Special as we might think we are, we still need to sell our resources and we still need to buy other people’s resources. The truth is no continent or country has it all.

Every country will do what it does in the best interest of its people, but unfortunately for Africa it is the contrary. The people serve their governments and not the other way round. These same governments in turn hide behind western blame as reasons for their failure.

This whole propaganda of the west this, the west that benefits no-one but corrupt leaders who want to divert attention from the real problems which are their incompetence and desire for power. One minute they say they don’t need the west, the next they are complaining about restrictions from the west???

A leader stands on a podium to complain about the inequalities of the UN and why there should be reforms…. Who are you complaining to…? Other countries??… The same ones you deem unfair??

No-one wants a competitor to win. Period. It’s just the way the universe works. If you’re in a football match and complain about the referee, lines men e.t.c, its okay, but just know that your 90 minutes will be up soon and there will be a winner at the end. Whether or not that winner is you is a choice. We are not playing in a charity cup. This is the world cup, and there are no favours. Everyone wants to win.

Africa, the universe is not a fair place, it never has been. Deal with it. Move on. Everything is always someone’s fault.

Like I said, we take things personally. There’s nothing special about Africa. Its not the only place with resources. The resources just differ, we have natural they have technological resources. “They” have come after our natural resources, why can’t we go after their technological resources? – Oh I know the answer to that… cause they are not fair…..Right!!! would you allow me to get to your level at your cost? Like I said, just basic rules of competition….. that’s all. We forget that these companies that use Africa’s natural resources are the same ones that started in garages.