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Are you taking personal responsibility? Part 2

I have finally taken the responsibility to pen part two of my article I promised in 2016 and never did so. In order to appreciate more on the subject of taking responsibility, not complaining, not blaming and making no excuses you need to read my first article Are you taking personal responsibilty – Part 1

I had promised to talk much on the spiritual side as a Christian but developments in zimbabwe have led me to want to talk more of the current situation. I will look more on the biblical side in part three. In my first article I talked much about zimbabwe so I will continue on that angle.

The subject of change is growing louder each day, we all want corruption to go, we all want the economy to grow, more jobs, lower rate of inflation, stable currency and so much more. The question is who is responsible, many would say Zanu and government which is true to a certain extent.


In my first article I said we do not know how long we will have the current government. Mugabe was removed from power in 2017 and we all celebrated as we all expected new things. The rest is history


The level of corruption had grown so high in 2016, when we had the coup many thought that will go with Mugabe now all the blame is out on government again, but I believe we all have power to change things. We all know what part the government has to end this, I would like to focus on what you and me are in control of. You and me can stop the corrupt practices we are doing.

Christian nation

You have probably heard it or you believe it to be true: Zimbabwe is a Christian nation, let’s assume that to be true and pursue that argument, what I believe is we have people attending church every Sunday. Let me highlight that many do both staunch zanu   supporters and and government Leaders do just add opposition leaders .

On Monday they or we are doing what is contrary to our beliefs. Paying bribes, taking bribes, gossiping. killing, torturing and abusing. Sunday we repeat the same motions: sing, pray, listen to that sermon. The biggest question is are we doing what we hear and preach, if so so the challenges we have will be gone. Let me also say there is corruption everywhere, in church, private sector and in the home, who will end this corruption.

The responsibility is on you and me. Lets stop the blame. Mdc got in government 2009 to 2013, they  engadged in corrupt activities alone and together with zanu members, this continues today as mdc controls many councils. Zanu continues to take stands just as the mdc councillors. What is funny is the mdc points to zanu and say it’s corrupt. Everyone has been made to believe it’s only zanu that is corrupt. Mdc has failed to take control here, mostly because many sympathise with it.

Mdc has participated in corruption several times but because of hardships that we have gone through we look the other side and say zanu must go. What are you doing to end corruption.

Poor leadership

We all point to Zanu’s lack of leadership, before that we are all Leaders in one way or the other. Starting with the family. How are we leading our families. What values are we instilling in our children as they grow up. Children are you holding your parents to account.

Do we stand for what is right in our families. Are we taking responsibility to lead well in the family, this starts with the father, the mother and then children. The father has an extra marital relationship and the children know, they receive bribes from their father. The mother could also be doing the same.

Children have gone wild the father and mother have failed to take responsibility and only making excuses, blame the Church, the school and ultimately the government for failing them. They all all have a role though they deny it. We all have responsibility to lead well wherever we are.

It’s easier to take national challenges when we are responsible at our level. The father blames his wife and the wifes family for failing to mold a good wife, the wife does the same. To have a strong and lovely marriage begins when one or both acknowledge that they have a responsibility for a successful marriage. If a counselor comes in both parties have agreed that they have a challenge and it must be solved now.

Violence in the home cannot solve anything. In most cases husbands beat up their wives to silence them and take control, this may work temporarily the only solution is for husband to acknowledge their mistakes apologize where it’s needed yyake corrective measures. No matter how the situation the husband has a responsibility to take charge, lead, inspire and motivate eventually you have a family that everyone in the community respects. A lot of work is put in for success.

The wife also has a responsibility just as the husband has and there will be peace in the home. This can multiply and to have a strong Church, strong companies and other organisations and ultimately government. How do you explain a man who has failed to lead a family (very small) loudly shouting on the government and it’s failures, yes we need good governance but let’s look at us and what we can do.


We all want change now. We must take responsibility to see change happening now, but most likely it’s going to be gradual and may not happen in our life time. That is huge responsibility to work on something that will be enjoyed by those who will come after you. Many died in the second chimurenga, they made the ultimate sacrifice. Today Zimbabwe is independent from the colonial masters but it will be a long walk to freedom, 40 years still in the walk.


There is a general culture of selfishness that we as Zimbabweans have. One man on their own. This was lately exposed when there was mass migration due to the economic hardships here. Those who were outside failed to help those who wanted to join them. Not all have the capacity but something could and still can be done.

A clear example is we host a lot of nationals in Zimbabwe. Their solidarity is amazing. For us we say there is no rule of law when it serves us, below I will raise issue of taxes.  The government will say there is rule of law when they do their thing. Opposition say there isn’t just as the majority of citizens but are they keeping the law.

Those on farms vote to protect their interests. But being on a farm is not helping many but your selfish end. Those in Urban and rural areas vote according to ones selfish ends. Solutions will be found when we all decide not for our selfish ends. It happened in before indipendence, because of he unity then the masses won against the colonial regime.

Missed opportunities

Before I proceed let me highlight how we are good at complaining and blaming and miss the opportunities in our country. I want to bring your attention to a place that many never get to. If you haven’t been there and you are in Harare please do. We have shops that we popularly call “tuckshops” which are all over town but concentrated down town South of Kenneth kaunda and west of chinhoyi. These are small shops selling basic commodities. If there is no cooking in supermarkets you find it there. 

Who owns them or rather who were the first owners or who popularised them? Foreigners. People come from all over Zimbabwe to buy things, these shops are both retailers and wholesalers, price of commodities depends on quantities you buy. The place is always buisy. There is never a shortage of anything. Most don’t take electronic money it’s mostly USD and zimdollar notes.

Major companies in Zimbabwe deliver there. There are trucks loading and offloading at all times. Another example I want to pin point Nigerians who own many shops in town. They are so united and this is not only in Zimbabwe but across the globe. Let me also say they are very powerful contributing big time to their economy and have influence on government, they stand for each other. there are everywhere just as Zimbabweans.

Perhaps let me also give an example of Indians in zimbabwe. In my first article I talked of Somalians who own many of these tuckshops in South Africa not sure of Zimbabwe though. The same applies to the area around the  Kopje where car spares are sold, the pioneers are Nigerians who are actually pioneers of small shops in Harare central business district.

Political blinkers have caused a lot of missed opportunities for example those who believe in zanu sanctions theory will not think of exporting to Europe or USA, many are exporting daily. Those who believe the mdc targeted sanctions have also missed opportunities. Those who do not wear these blinkers will be able to take responsibility and move on.

I have spoken of how remittances are keeping the country afloat but for a solution to be found there is need to work together as a nation,
Irrespective of political persuasion. Remove the political blinkers. Sadly we are so divided, someone and circumstances caused this but for how long shall we be blaming reach other.

The land has been idle for how many years, and who was blamed for all that. Now there is talk to return the land, who will loose out? In both cases the majority complain. Think about this and how can we have been better without complaining. Is it not a case of missed opportunities.

We expect others to solve governance challenges yet we do not want to vote, speak out against zanu and mdc’s policies. we expect Chamisa and other politicians to be beaten arrested and tortured for us. Do we make effort to understand the Constitution. We wait for lawyers on both divides to explain to us what the Constitution say.

I find it absurd that we criticize zanu for poor governance and yet we are not playing our roles fully. We have a duty to pay tax, to vote to hold those we vote for to account. The only time I have seen my mdc councilor, mp and senator is on the ballot box, this has happened over the years since I started voting. The next time I see them again is on posters during campaigns. Yet they represent me, I don’t hold them to account. I am sure I am just like other Zimbabweans.

One of the challenges we have is we do not have choices, we vote for mdc because we do not want to vote zanu this is true to most who vote mdc. Enough of that, we need to be educated or educate others how the government work, do what we must do,  play our constitutional role. These people are using tax payers money to do nothing, worse we complain how government spend money on cars and benefits, which the mdc councilors  and senators enjoy, during gnu the mdc never refused to get these packages. Why?

A third force

Who will take responsibility to form a solid opposition and offer people another alternative. There are those who vote mdc and others zanu but nothing changes election after election it maybe we the voters are not taking responsibility beyond the voting booth. Or perhaps it’s time we have a third force. But who will take responsibility to form such before that opposition parties have opposition within them and oppose each other.

Excellent plans
The government  comes up with  some brilliant plans that they never implement this is also true everywhere, in the home, church and other organisations.  Many conferences are done in Victoria falls, Nyanga and everywhere at times trips are made outside but nothing. Government waste tax payers money, The church is blowing members money  on such conferences.

Blame game

The Zanu pf government blames everything and everyone for our failures:   drought, “unpatriotic citizens”, the West and the mdc, on the other hand mdc blames zanu for national failures. Citizens Blame all of them for failing us. Who will accept the blame? Who will take responsibility to get things moving, will we stop excuses. Let me say each part must do the necessary for us to succeed


There is a lot of hypochrisy from both zanu and mdc such that we do not  know where each stand. It does not end there. The government will not demand taxes from small enterprises for fear of a revolt. Those who should pay tax don’t because it serves them well, the opposition does not take criticism lightly because of whatever. Hypocrisy has mixed with selfishness here.

Church leaders are blaming the government for torturing citizens and abusing funds yet they are abusing their members. Sexual abuse, vote buying, corruption and everything is rife not only in the church but in the private sector, the Civic society which buy expensive cars that use more fuel, they criticise government yet of the funds they receive how much goes to the intended beneficiary after administration expenses?

But before we get to country, I highlighted the issue of the church. A strong church requires strong families to stand. I have talked about hypocrisy above. Without mentioning names we know of politicians and churches they attend. When they are making political statements and if you look at the activities that their political parties do then you know church is just a ritual people are far from the Bible. So the challenges runs much deeper.

Blaming international community

A lot of blame has been given to SADC and AU, those organisations are mere spectators just as the rest of international community. The responsibility is on us to do the necessary to achieve change. The ANC came to stand for their interests and left leaving many disappointed.

The private sector

Corruption is everywhere. I have generally been criticised when I say families, the church and the private sector is a mirror of zanu.  I will not talk of oppression of workers.

I will not highlight on top management salaries and benefits. You will see an executive driving the latest range Rover and yet the business has not paid wages and salaries for months. The company has antiquated equipment and the same  tell you the government is spending too much on benefits. What hypocrisy.

Yes the environment is tough, but we need to be creative and solve our problems in this harsh environment. Let’s see austerity in the private sector and then lecture the government on austerity.

If I had time I would have written on corruption in the church and it’s institutions. I would have written on how everyone or the majority played a role in the liberation struggle. Some carried guns, others cooked and others were spies and or informers. Voter turnout was massive in 1980.

Political solutions will be found but not everything has a political solution.
Creativity and innovation is lacking. I have always said some challenges will be overcome by ict. Social media has brought a  big change though adoption is still low even with those who can afford it, most ministries have Twitter accounts and people we never thought we would interact with, we do online.

I salute ecocash today ecocash is synonymous with mobile money, how would we have managed the cash crisis without ecocash. It continues to grow due to continued innovation though spanners are thrown. Whilst others are blaming and complaining and doing nothing. Kuda Musasiwa has proved to many that online business is viable in Zimbabwe. We are behind on online business.

A lot has to be done, we have to take responsibility and be part of the change. Many resisted ecocash but today it’s now a must that you have it. Others lost opportunities by resisting mobile money. We need a lot of creativity and innovation in all sectors, wry  do not have to reinvent the wheel. Most of the technologies are there, recently a CCTV footage got the whole country talking.

Lets innovate put systems that stop corruption especially in the private sectors as companies loose a lot due to corruption and theft by employees. Many may not know that people are paying to get jobs today, it’s sad. Sacrifices must be made to end this. Be the change. Let’s stop the saying “hakuna kusina huori” (corruption is everywhere)


A lot of sacrifices must be made by us the non rulling elite. We can bring levels of corruption down. I have talked about selfishness above and it will be impossible to bring levels of corruption down if selfish remain. Let me share with you a story. In 1992 I went to Nhowe mission with my brother looking for a form 1 place. We got there late saw the headmaster, there were still places, got one. The headmaster hosted us for the night, following morning got bus back home. No bribe paid. Hats off to Mr Makuyana the then headmaster.

Today people pay to get places or they have someone they know in the system. The one paying the bribe, school authorities taking the bribe are criticising Zanu of killing the country. Who is killing schools when those with low grades proceed because they have paid or they know someone, a friend offered me a degree and I told them right away that it was wrong. Until we are not selfish enough and are willing to take sacrifices that my child has failed and cannot proceed, until I sacrifice that I can take my child to that school and develop it till it’s good and refuse to pay a bribe.

Until I refuse to pay a bribe to the police officer and pay a ticket and sacrifice that I will have my car in condition. But because we all want easy things we are participating in corruption. We pay someone to buy mealie meal when there are shortages because we do not want to sacrifice. Nothing is for free, you can’t have your cake and eat it. Let us choose to fight corruption it will be painful but it can be reduced without blaming the present government or even involve it.

Citizen movement

It’s time we see citizen movements rising, the beauty is the current #Zimbabwelivesmatter is not led by the mdc, I agree the Zanu pf government must reform to say the least, the best is they go however the #Zimbabwelivesmatter movement must at some point be directed towards opposition, Civic society and the church. We have seen letters from the church in the current crisis however they must also stand for their members against abuse from within.


The majority would want to see change of government in Zimbabwe however the majority of us are not willing to do all it takes to have the change. We all must take responsibility, stop blaming and complaining. We also must be patient in whatever we wish for, some things happen overnight while others take time.

International support is good, but what will happen if that  does not come, we must be responsible for the change we want. No one will do it for you. I did not look at the causes of our challenges neither did I blame anyone, but I wanted focus on the role of an ordinary citizen. A lot has been written on Zimbabwe and many solutions offered.

Let’s look at ourselves and the role we have played to have this. Our responsibility does not start when things have gone bad but even in good times. Look at yourself and what you can do. Some solutions will be political some won’t, be creative and innovative in your area.

Lastly all zanu or mdc members have family or Church connections. Some attend Church instead of being cautioned there, they are asked for favors to get that tender or a farm. Be the change it starts with you.

I learnt it late, but the most important thing is I now know. I also learnt it the hard way that I cannot fully delegate responsibility even to the people I trust. Nothing is wrong with delegation at all. I wish you realise it today that blaming, complaining or making excuses will not help you. Take responsibility instead. Whatever change you need in your life or for others, you must start now, it will not be easy but can be done, think about it and lets talk.

There is nothing for free, at times you pay with money, times you exchange your time, ultimately you must sacrifice something. In this article I have highlighted noon violent sacrifices to be made. We do not need another neither do we want to be hostages in our country, we all have a role to play no matter how small.

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Nyasha Mupaso
Nyasha Mupaso
I write on Zimbabwe and Africa with a focus on microeconomics with a focus on micro, small and medium enterprises. I believe in change starting at a local level going up and the need for mental emancipation from slavery. Slavery to superstitions, propaganda, colonisation, polarisation, and politics. WhatsApp 0719842677.



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