20 Quotes from the Prophetess Beverly Angel

After watching Miracle Money by Prophet Eurbert Angel  I had intended to do a full exposé on the teaching that is in that video...

12 Individuals who dominated their sport

Gillette World Sport Special and Trans World Sport were two TV programmes that brought international sport to our doorsteps in the 80s and 90s....

21 P’s that describe Zimbabweans

When asked describe themselves, below is a list of apt replies which can be used to describe Zimbabweans. This list was first created around...
Elephants in Chobe National Park

5 Ways to chase elephants out of your garden

As I was telling locals in Victoria Falls about my encounters with elephants, they all had different solutions on how you could chase the...

6 Sacred animals of Zimbabwe

One Sunday on arriving to church, my wife pointed out two owls that were in a tree, and I took my camera and I...


Thankfully Loving Tatenda

About two years ago I had been staying temporarily with a friend in town. I was on my way to her apartment when...

King (Asaph Mambo Remix)

Compound Image of Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe, A life lived

Robert Mugabe Print

Did Mugabe live a full life?

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