Mhofu or Eland in English

There is Mhofu, then all the other totems

The ideas of totems have always been interesting to me. As a designer, I understand the need for identity. And totems are a way...

Wrestling Against God’s Authority

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, sings the hymn of creation in Genesis chapter one. The part of the hymn...
Touch Not my Anointed

Touch not MY prophet – A response to vana vapapa

After having this article Supernatural: The Prophets vs The Winchester Brothers posted on NehandaRadio site I received an avalanche of comments as I expected. This...

An afternoon with a Prophet Magaya follower

So a few weeks ago I found out that one of my amaininis (will call her Jocy) goes to Prophet Magaya’s church (Ministry). So...

Why were men only chosen as Apostles?

We were going through a colouring book of bible stories with my daughter (7) and son (5). We came to a page with Jesus...


Are you taking personal responsibility? Part 2

I have finally taken the responsibility to pen part two of my article I promised in 2016 and never did so. In order to...

Forgiveness sets you free

All that glitters is not Gold

Do stereotypes exist?

In the Name of Love

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