Short films – Cities & Towns

Over the past few years when ever I have travelled in different cities or towns I have made it a habit to take short...

Visit Zimbabwe: A day at Lake Chivero

Lake Chivero which was formally known as Lake Mcllwaine (named after former judge Sir Robert Mcllwaine founder of Zimbabwe's soil and water conservation movement...

Dehumanised at Beitbridge Border – South Afrika

Every year during the festive season at Beitbridge Border post, travelers to and from South Africa have to endure degrading and dehumanising treatment and...


Are you taking personal responsibility? Part 2

I have finally taken the responsibility to pen part two of my article I promised in 2016 and never did so. In order to...

Forgiveness sets you free

All that glitters is not Gold

Do stereotypes exist?

In the Name of Love

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