Children speak about their Rights


After writing my piece about corporal punishment I decided to have an interview with my kids (7 & 9) and find out what their thoughts were about  human rights. I explained to them what human rights are and then they listed what they felt were rights which should be accorded to various groups.

Right to be Disciplined

Do you enjoy getting spanked and why?
– No we don’t enjoy getting spanked
– I don’t like being spanked because its sore on my bum

Why do you get spanked?

– For not listening
– To not keep doing it over and over and over again

Will you spank your kids?

– No, not if they don’t do wrong things
– No I will give them home detention, no TV, Staying inside

When you get spanked does it make you want to spank kids you play with?

– No that’s being naughty

Right to Have fun

Why is it important to have fun?
– Because its exercising, life skills
– because you can be loved

Right to an Education

Why is it important to go to school?
– To learn new things everyday and teach other people around you
– To make your brain smarter and not end up in jail

Right to religion

Why is it important to go to church?
– God created the world, we learnt that at church
– Its the first day of the week

Do you like going to church?
– Yes I love going to church because we learn things from the bible
– So that we know memory verses so we can teach our own children

Right to Dream

Why is it important to dream?
– You get to think of new things
– So that you can think of the future

Right to be Loved

Why is it important to be loved?
– You share and you don’t have to be really rude to people
– If you love a person they will love you back

Right to Holiday

Why is it important to go on holiday?
– You can go visit your granny
– So that you can rest
– You can learn new things
– You have time to study

Right to Chores

Do you like doing chores?
– I don’t like doing chores that much because you have to do a lot of work

Why should you do chores?
– We should do chores when we mess the house
– So we can clean up

When should you do chores?
– Only when your house is dirty

Basic Rights

These rights will obviously get more complex as they grow older, some will no longer be important and others will replace them in importance. They are exercising their right to freedom of expression and we allow them that space and nurture it.