Dehumanised at Beitbridge Border – South Afrika


Every year during the festive season at Beitbridge Border post, travelers to and from South Africa have to endure degrading and dehumanising treatment and verbal abuse at the hands of the South African immigration officials of the Home Affairs department.

This year was no different but it was exasperated by the ebola screenings happening at the border on the SA side. The recipients of the abuse this time were the daily pedestrians who were coming to do shopping. They were literally herded like cattle on the pedestrian section of the bridge in the scorching sun. One wonders if it had rained if the officials would have been concerned?

The SA side is characterised by long queues, which result in long delays. It seems the immigration officials find pleasure in seeing fellow Afrikaans in queues. Each time I go through Beitbridge I always ask myself WHY do they do this to us? What if the tables were turned one day?

Over the years I have been documenting my experiences whenever I have been crossing the border and you can follow these at the tag #BeitBridgeBorderReport.