Emancipate yourselves from mental colonisation Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe has had many challenges. There has been an over-emphasis on the role politics has on the development of the country. True our politicians have failed us but there are challenges that also hinder us from developing. I will look at the challenge that we all face and it starts in the mind.

Religion, superstitions, and our education system are areas I will spend most of my energy and time to motivate the nation towards a new direction, this will take many years. You can read my article Slavery to superstitions

Our people got political independence in 1980 but we have remained mentally colonised. It’s time to emancipate our people from mental slavery, they are heavily colonised mentally. Today the majority are convinced if Zanu leaves power the country will progress fast, this could be true but there are no guarantees. Just as many believed that if Mugabe leaves then it will all be fine. Those who believed if Mugabe goes all will be well are now saying Mugabe was better.

The challenge is not the system, your parents, or any circumstances, you need to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. No one but you, the time is now. You need redemption, hats off to Bob Marley.

US$ vs Zw$

I do not look at things from a macro perspective but from a micro point of view, I am highlighting this so that when you read you will understand what I say. It is also clear that lack of governance is a huge challenge. A lot is expected from the authorities. Having said that I will give you an example of Chimuti who has Zw$/bond he goes on the street buys USD to preserve value, fine. The following morning he is back in town and spends all cash by 10 am, whenever he buys he insists on being changed USD because he doesn’t like local currency. He is not alone in Zimbabwe, there are many others like Chimuti who create unnecessary demand on the USD so the rate is very artificial due to a lot of speculation. Thousands of dollars are bought daily and spent the following day. I have not seen the rate changing that fast to warranty such behavior anyway I don’t know much. I can’t say what percentage of demand that is but u know we are affecting rates and unknowingly.

Rigged elections

The majority are convinced that there is serious rigging. I don’t know much but all I know is a few people decide on what happens in the country. The majority don’t register to vote if they do they don’t vote but they analyse things after elections. This is a very emotional subject which I encourage you to think and analyse carefully. Watch out for propaganda here.


Watch out there is a lot of propaganda, avoid watching or listening to one voice. I do not rely on Zbc, BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, France 24 or any news channel only. I watch all read as much so that I do not follow one narrative. Even documentaries carry propaganda. If you are not careful you will believe them easily and get colonised. Let me touch on a very emotional subject in Zimbabwe: the majority believe to know the truth through foreign media and foreigners. I am here to tell you the truth, look at things, listen to ZBC for local news and information, many are extremely negative about their home country due to propaganda. A lot of bad things happen in Zimbabwe just as there are good things, your mind chooses depending on level of it’s colonisation. We all know what happened in 2007-2008 in particular, I spoke to an American during that time who told me he thinks that people are dropping dead in the streets due to hunger I told him that’s a lie caused by the media he listened to. Another example is narrative on sanctions in Zimbabwe. Depending on who colonized you, there are targeted sanctions or there are sanctions. People argue depending on their mental colonisation. The truth is clear to those who independently think.

I have spoken on how the majority expects the government to stop corruption and yet they are participating in corruption daily. Who has responsibility to end corruption, if you think it’s the government then read my articles on taking personal responsibility.


This is not only the case in Zimbabwe but across Africa the majority expect their governments to take action to improve their lives, their governments will not do anything because it is like them, they also blame the colonisers and expect donors to improve lives on the continent. The choice is yours to wait or take responsibility to solve or help the situation.

Dead aid

I will not write a lot on the subject which Dambisa Moyo has written about. She wrote a book: Dead Aid, how Africa has received aid in trillions of dollars upto this day. The funds have failed to propel the continent to develop. These days some organisations give out cash to people to go buy food. So Africa has been enslaved to aid, yet we blame others for our failure. Will ever change? We need to look at the truth and map a way forward. I believe in change that starts at a micro-level and then cascade till it’s national and eventually continental effort. Most politicians in Zimbabwe if not all believe in external help for the country to move, it simply results in enslavement. We need a home grown solution then we get all help we can outside with our own direction.

Solar power

Just like Zimbabwe has many challenges, discussing them will not get us anywhere. Small solutions will certainly get us there. If all the people using solar as well as the companies that do so were to stop and be connected to the grid, there will be a crisis in Zimbabwe. Hats of to those who started without a government policy on the matter, today there is a policy on solar, Zesa can allow you to sell excess power to them. The revolution started small with individuals installing till corporates joined in by investing in solar at their premises. Change starts with a single person. Complaining, blaming and mental colonization is working together for the majority of Zimbabweans. The government does not make all decisions like sounded think.

European football

How many watch and follow football from Europe and what cost to the country. Do we have soccer in Zimbabwe? do we support them? Is it as competitive, if not why? Above I mentioned international news agencies that I follow, how many local news agencies do I follow? Not only do we watch foreign soccer but TV channels and other sports.

Imported products

Zimbabwe has a challenge of foreign currency shortages. We all know how this challenge started. With such a challenge we import virtually everything and export a little. We export gold and import it back at finished products like jewelry.
Our position is government must solve this challenge, yes they must just as we should also play or role. How much do we spend on imported artificial hair as well as natural hair? Who did day our hair is bad? Subject for another day.

Everyone is enslaved

We are all enslaved in one way or the or other, it’s just to what extent are we colonized. Be yourself as much as you could. If you have children you will bring them up a certain way and they must behave in your way, that is critical and must be done it they are to have values. Allow them to think and ask questions don’t teach them to do things without thinking because this makes them wear blinkers if you do that.


Zimbabwe has its challenges and there are many solutions to solve them, do not wear blinkers, think. I have listed many things, don’t be overwhelmed choose one thing you can change, and then influence the next person, until we are truly free. All countries import, we watch movies from other places, soccer from there. The big question is what about ours, are you ashamed of our things like food, language, and everything, and do we export. Last but not least our media including this blog all need to move with time and be of international standard, leave your comment below, and let’s talk about it. Don’t forget to listen and read the lyrics to Redemption song By Bob Marley

I write on Zimbabwe and Africa with a focus on microeconomics with a focus on micro, small and medium enterprises. I believe in change starting at a local level going up and the need for mental emancipation from slavery. Slavery to superstitions, propaganda, colonisation, polarisation, and politics. WhatsApp 0719842677.