Fear stands in the way of the Zimbabwe Elections 2018


Reason Zimbabwe is where it is now after 38yrs is because of FEAR. Fear is the immobilising factor in our country. Because of it we have not been able to move forward as a country. The Fear factor will determine which way this election will go after the 30th of July.

Fear of change is what the ruling party is suffering from. They are stuck in the past and have not moved with the times. Hence they want everyone to be stuck in the past. So they are constantly referring back to a war fought almost 40 years ago.

Fear of prosecution has gripped many of these ruling party members. Many over the last 38 years have been involved in various crimes and corrupt activities and would be afraid of being held accountable for their transgressions

Fear of independence. Wanting the people of Zimbabwe to constantly feel they are dependent on ZANU. ZANU fears that if we are not dependent on them they will lose their power over us and their grip on power. They want us to feel that ‘we owe you’

Fear of the people that they will do well without them, and will thrive and become prosperous.

Fear of civilian rule has the Junta worried. Giving back power to the people. Letting them determine their own destiny. Abiding by the constitution and having an impartial judiciary.

Fear of seeing Zimbabweans rejoice like they have never seen before. ZANU fear the prospect of mass public shows of jubilation as people throng the streets rejoicing showing just how much they are not loved.

Fear of the Unknown is a real fear of people who have not known anything else for 38 years. Some will vote with the ‘devil you know’ mentality.

Fear to blaze a new trail in Africa being the first Liberation movement to be democratically ousted, and that by a young and vibrant candidate. This reality is something they cannot stomach.

Fear of security agents. Through propaganda who have struck so much fear in us that we have been made to believe they are in everyone of our gatherings, like a pne in every four is a C10.

Fear of losing has some people voting for ZANU. They want to be on the ‘winning side’ and ZANU has been ‘winning all along’. Deep down they hope they don’t win but when they do they want to say ‘we told you so’.

Fear of protecting whats ours. A thief comes in the night to steal from our house and I expect someone else to protect me, I complain about how my neighbours turned a blind eye yet there were 10 of us who could have protected our belongings

Fear of what we know in the numerous times where we have won we have been too afraid to claim our victory and to defend that victory.

Fear stands in the way of the Zimbabwe that we want and he looks like me and you. If we let him have his way then just maybe we deserve our lot, we deserve this leadership for another 5 years.