Illustrated Countdown to the 2018 Zimbabwe Elections


I teamed up with a renowned illustrator, Anon to make a weekly illustrated comment on highlights of the week in the run up to the Zimbabwe elections.

The first elections that do not feature Robert Gabriel Mugabe who was disposed by his own party in a coup on November, 15 2017. This election is basically the coup government looking to sanitise and legitimise their rule through an election which many fear will be rigged.  We count down to the election day

Week 6 – Voters still not out Roll

Desipte ZEC Chairperson Priscilla Chigumba announcing that the voters roll is available from Friday 15th June 2018 and onwards those who went to claim it were told it was not ready and that they should come back next week.

Week 5 – Voters still not out Roll

Still not out only a select few got access to the voters roll and even the British Embassy had received copies before the main opposition got despite efforts to get it. More evidence of an unlevel playing field

Week 4 – This is Zimbabwe

An alleged assasination attempt on the life of the president. A grenade was thrown and exploded metres away from him. It was at a rally at White City stadium in Bulawayo. Some were injured and a few died.

Week 3 – SMSGate

Citizens in certain constituency’s received SMSs from the local ZANU PF MP candidate with their name and requesting for their vote. Information which only ZEC could have. The MP said he got the addresses and names from a door to door campaign. ZEC said they didn’t give their database to anyone.

Week 2 – Conflict of Interest

Alleged affair between Chigumba the chairperson of ZEC and Winston Chitando, a married minister in Mnangagwa’s cabinet once again showed how the chairperson is compromised.

Week 1 – Let the Games begin

With the last star rallies taking place. The whole country was excited about the elections. The main players were in their corners ready for battle.

D Day – The Election

A fight that had Chigumba as the REF and concourt as the adjudicators was never going to be fair. And as expected despite have more votes and clearly the loved candidate Chamisa lost the election. But this is just the end of round one of a very tough battle…