Visit Zimbabwe – Lake Mutirikwi


The last time I was at Lake Mutirikwi was in 2006. The Lake capacity was very high. The only time I was there when they opened the gate was in 1994! Now the lake looks very low maybe the fact that we are in winter may have played a role. The lake is about 45km from Masvingo and is Zimbabwe’s third largest lake after Chivero in Harare and the largest being Kariba.

In and around the Lake there were chalets and lodges most are shut down and there are no longer boat rides either. The Lake has a real potential for tourism and activities on the Lake. It is also about 20km from the famous Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

The road on the dam wall


Facts About Lake Mutirikwi (Previously Lake Kyle)

Full Supply Level (FSL) – 101.00 Total Capacity @ FSL – 1419.3 10 power of 6  m3 Useful Capacity @ FSL – 1 413.0 10 power of 6  m3 Operational Useful capacity @ FSL – 1 384.4 10 power of 6  m3 Dead Storage – 6.3 10 power of 6  m3 Reserve Storage – 10 power of 6  m3 Surface @FSL – 60m Catchment area – 3 989km2 Crest Length – 309.0km Maximum Height – 66m Volume of Concrete – 49 710m3 Engineer – Coyne & Bellier Constructor – McAlpine Concor Ltd

The dam wall on the side of the floodgates

The granite dwalas after the dam wall with the river meandering through

Exfoliation of the granite outcrops on the shores of the lake

All the area up to the trees is usually submerged

The view of the Lake Mutirikwi from Great Zimbabwe, the area with the sand is usually submerged

The view of the Lake Mutirikwi from Great Zimbabwe

Source of stats: ZINWA