Mother and child


 I am at the Rahima Moosa (aka  Coronation Hospital) mother and child hospital in the Westrand. Am here with my wife. Last time I was here my wife had been referred with complications with the birth of our second child. He was eventually delivered safely by Gods grace. The nurses at satellite clinics would threaten expectant mothers with a referral to Coronation Hospital, which is notorious. Despite being the father I was not allowed in the delivery room. Instead I was told to go home as fathers not allowed in the delivery room. Hence missed the birth of my second child again.

What motivated me to write this post is two incidents that I witnessed while in the waiting room. The first one I just overheard a few words of a father who was on the phone. He said, “she is fine but we lost the baby”. I thought about this scenario and started playing it out in my mind. Both parents arrive at the hospital, expecting to leave the hospital with a bundle of joy.

Instead the father had to hear this news and then had to relay the message to other family members. He has to remain strong and composed. As it all starts to sink in. Unfortunately the father will not have as close a bond to the child as the mother has. Which brings me to the second incident.

A young lady receives the news that she has lost her child, and she breaks down and starts to cry, her mother is there and she wraps her arms around her daughter to comfort her. The daughter seems too weak to even stand and is assisted to sit and continues crying in her mothers arms.

The bond which had been created and nurtured over 9 months between her and the baby is severed. A part of her has been taken away. She will also be leaving without her bundle of joy. They eventually get up and walk out with the daughter still in tears.

The last thought that came into my mind as this lady walked out with her mother was the act of abortion. The selfishness of that act, taking for granted a gift so precious and dumping it without a care and then getting up and walking as if nothing had happened? My heart hurts just thinking about it.

I also saw a lady going through the same process as my wife and i found it shameful that the husband was not there by her side. Granted there might be valid reason for his absence. But if not husbands need to man up.

Children are a gift from God of which he gives us custody to take care of, to raise and nurture in a way pleasing to him. Hard as it is to take not everyone will be able to get this gift. Some will only have it for a short time, but to be afforded that privilege to bear a child and then deliberately terminate that life is a great injustice and a selfish act of the lowest order.