Move on Citizen Zimbabwe


The 2018 election has come and has gone and the result pretty much what was expected, There are now calls to say “Lets move on”. Basically saying let us brush under the carpet any grievances citizens may have. We have adopted a culture of ignoring injustices for the sake of ‘moving on’.

This is why there is no accountability of public office in Zimbabwe because if a wrong is committed, we are asked to forget it even without coming to the bottom of it or getting an apology. Just move move on.

ZANU is now comfortable based on past experience that they can do anything, no matter how drastic or atrocious and Zimbas will just cower and accept it. Murambatsvina, Chiadzwa, 2008, August 1.

Commission of enquiry

So now there is an commission of enquiry into the deaths of 6 people. We know this commission is either just PR for the new Dispensation to make it seem like they are reformed. We wont see another one after this one. It probably won’t be televised either. The bench are clearly compromised so nothing new there. There was no need for it

On the other hand if is it a score settling gimmick putting Chiwenga in a spot? Once again its got nothing to do with justice for those who lost their relatives. It would be another case of ‘targeting criminals around’. We have seen arrests already before the commission is even done.

These arrests do not include the shooters in the videos, the people who were in command at the scene. We don’t expect that to happen and we won’t get answers to all the questions we have regards to events on that day. Without that video evidence this would have been denied.

So if the death of 6 people can result in a Commission of Inquiry (COI) with an international panel it proves that not all deaths are equal. The message is this. For a death to matter it has to happen in front of international cameras. But there are more deaths daily as a result of bad politics by the ZANU PF government.

All the people who were killed by crocs and hippos. Those abused by malaicha and drowned while trying to cross the Limpopo into South Africa. All fleeing a repressive government. Who counts these deaths which come up to 100s a month?

We have a health crisis, a shortage or medicine. No COI into the state of our health sector claiming many lives a day. We have outbreaks of typhoid, its not a crisis only raised as an excuse to block a rallies. But schools will be allowed to open under these conditions!

The Cabinet Con

With the cabinet being selected we know for sure David Parirenyatwa won’t make it in. Over decades he presided over the health ministry overseeing the most atrocious conditions of our health sector. Though he was never taken to account for all the deaths he has caused.

There has never been citizens protest against such inept service delivery by this minister. When will we reach a point when we truly say enough is enough. We can no longer accept this. Public office bearers should not take us for a ride any longer. Let us not accept it.

We have been joking about our situation as a coping mechanism. Some are already suffering from mental illness and depression because of the bad governance of this government. From 2002, 2008, 2013, how will 2018 be any different.

Accept and move on

’Accept and move on’ and prepare for 2023. What guarantee do we have that 2023 will be any different. ZANU is banking that we continue as we’ve always done, and they will also do the same. For ZANU to change their modus operandi we have to change how we responded to them.

We are hearing that we should work together but so far ED has shown that it is only a cosmetic move. There is no intention or sincerity in that call. The 2008 GNU showed the MDC was willing and sincere but ZANU proved they were not. Nothing has changed

So nothing will come from the commission and the new cabinet. It doesn’t matter which technocrats they add in to sanitise and give Zimbas ‘confidence’. They will come in with much confidence and grand plans until they realise that ZANU is all about power.

They will not be able to resign because no-one resigns from a ZANU appointment. To resign is to show a vote of no confidence and ZANU will not allow it. Once you are in you are in. Some do start out sincere with promises of non interference. They eventually become corrupted or compromised into silence.

Service Delivery

So lets move right along with this ‘government’ thing. We Know ZANU won’t give us any timelines for delivery of anything. Here is a guide. By Xmas most supporters of ED will be sitting on the fence and by Easter they will realise they were conned by a clever PR campaign.

Despite ‘hitting the ground running’  there is an unhealthy focus on Chamisa and what he should do yet he is not in power. For people who have won, we are ready to work with you. Working with you means you deliver what you promised. While we hold you to account and keep you in check.

A challenge to ED supporters. Show Zimbabwe and the whole world how irrelevant Chamisa is and go for just one week focussing on what ED is going to do and celebrating his new cabinet without mentioning Chamisa. Stand up Citizen Zimbabwe