My Nightmare in Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence

Blue Roof Mugabe Residence

I had a nightmare. I was being chased in the Blue Roof. As if that weak feeling you feel when being chased in a dream was not enough, it was a maze. Every room I opened had nothing but a window and a closet which was secured with many chains and a huge padlock.

I would looked through the window but I couldn’t open it. It looked like hell outside, I saw people burning and screaming and one person came to the window and asked me for the price of bread and I didn’t know 😳, and he just disappeared. I ran out of that room. The chase continued. I ran!

The doors between rooms seemed miles apart. I entered another room. There was a group of men in dark suits sitting around a table next to the closet. A small cake in the centre of the table and one man had a chainsaw to cut it. He looked at me and said “Beware the last cut”

In another room there was a gun on the floor opposite the closet and a hand from nowhere picked up the gun and used the bayonet to write on the wall. It made that horrible sound of iron scratching iron, gave me that tingling feeling. It wrote “The deceivers have been deceived”

I was running in sand now as I entered the next room. Inside there were young adults, they stripped their hearts off their sleeves and put them in a jar and threw it at the glass ceiling which was very low. It bounced back and shattered. A woman screamed “How many more jars?”

The last room I entered had no light, there was a woman in a black dress with a red circle embroidered on the chest, it looked like a stop sign. With an evil grin which showed her gold teeth she handed me a black envelope. With a wink and a sparkle in her eye she said “Burial”

I took the envelope and it was so hot! The screaming outside stopped. There was silence as if in anticipation. I started to open the envelope and I could feel all eyes were on me. The lady in black stood up, taller than the door. Around her waist was shining white cable.

The faces outside were all up against the window looking in to see what was in the envelope. As I opened the envelope there was a dirty five dollar bond note with something scribbled on it. I couldn’t make out what was written then I remembered I didn’t have my glasses.