Creation vs Evolution – My Walk with God

Sun setting in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Sun setting in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe © Baynham Goredema

How did we come into existence? This age old question each and every person has to deal with at some point in their lives where they question their existence and wonder how they got here.

How did it all begin? In Sunday school we were introduced to the theory of creation. That we were created by a supreme being, who created everything and shaped the world and the heavens.

It was not until I was 13 in form one when we studied history that I encountered the second theory of how we got here. Evolution. Which maintained that there was a big bang from which over billions of years very basic life forms evolved into the complex forms we know today. I had to make a decision as to which I would accept as a fact which would intern shape my world view.

Being in the creative industry, meant that it was not difficult for me to accept the theory of intelligent design. Having accepted that there was a designer who created this world, I set out to find out who it was and to know more about him.

Having grown up in a christian home the concept of their being a God and the need to worship him was instilled in me at a very early age. Although at that time I could not fully understand the magnitude of it, I understood the basic principles.

Going to church was mandatory. we had no choice in the matter. So long as we lived under our parents roof Sunday mornings we reserved for church. We enjoyed the stories in the bible. We had a big white illustrated bible which my mum would read for us at night.

Then when I was about 11 my father taught me about baptism and why it was necessary to be baptised. It would be two years later when I finally made the decision by myself my parents weren’t even around. They never pressured me at all. I just decided that I wanted to make peace with my God. Because of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, sin had entered into the world. And through sin we had become separated from God.

The only way to reconcile with him was through hearing the word, believing it, repenting of our sin, confessing Jesus as the Son of God and being baptised. Baptism was for the forgiveness of of our sins.

Throughout high school I basically coasted through just being ‘good’ didn’t smoke, she swear drink or engage in an sexual activities, which many of my peers were engaged in. I was still sustained by my parents faith, I did not read the bible or pray regularly. By my parents prayers and faith I was kept from all sorts of things that could have jeopardised my spiritual life.

When I moved to Harare for college things started changing. My girlfriend cheated on me and that broke my heart. But it was a defining period in my life as I took two years without distractions.  I focused not only on my college work but started to consider my spiritual life and my relationship with God.

Vowed to myself that I would never marry. I remember saying this to my dad once and he just said we will see. This period helped me to streamline my values. All along I had not stopped going to church.

By now I voluntarily went. Even in college where I now had the freedom I still continued religiously. At this time I spent many a holiday asking my father many difficult questions and he was always prepared to answer and debate with me. If there was a time I should have left the way, this was it.

The defining moment in my life in regards to my spiritual walk was when I started attending Warren Park church of Christ. Just after I started working. There they had regular youth programmes. With a group of very enthusiastic youth I started to earnestly study the bible as a group and as an individual.

Each Friday night we studied for about 2hrs and we would meet again on Saturdays. I started to get a better understanding of what God expected of me. I was astounded by the wisdom in the Bible and how relevant it was to my life. At that time I started entertaining the idea of getting married.

What I was sure of at the time was that I would not get into a relationship with someone who was not a faithful christian. To that end I also realised that I had to be a faithful christian that someone would also want to be with. My walk with God started in earnest.

Walking with God meant constantly reading the scriptures because faith comes from reading the word. Without faith it is impossible to please God. What I didn’t understand I asked other mature brothers and sisters or consulted commentaries.

In the process my own faith developed. I was no longer following the christian God because I have been raised that way. I was doing it because I had been convicted of the truth. Walking my own path. Working out my own salvation.

Being in christ means I can approach God’s throne with confidence. To petition him, to thank him, to ask for forgiveness, to praise him. My relationship with God has been a lifelong one. I do not regret having chosen this way nor do I feel that I am missing out on anything.

This same way that I have chosen is the same I will encourage my own children to pursue, when the time comes for them to make their own decisions I hope they chose Christ.