Believers often contend with each other on the subject of predestination. The teaching is mentioned in the scriptures. Predestination happened before the beginning of time. The major contention is WHO/WHAT was predestined. How we answer this question will have an impact on how we view our salvation. So it’s an important teaching to grasp and understand. 

Main Texts: Romans 8:28-30 Ephesians 1: 3-14

There are Two Main Views

1. God through his all-knowing nature guides those who chose the path to salvation
2. God knows beforehand who he will save and who will not be saved

An understanding of God’s Sovereignty versus human responsibility is the contentious theme of this topic.

God’s Sovereignty

The sovereign God can do what he wishes when he wishes! He can save anyone he wants. God can save us without us doing anything. We did not deserve to be saved. But is God’s desire that everyone come to him and be saved. He has put in place a plan so that we are saved. God calls all people to be saved. God also works all things for the good of those who believe in him

Man’s Responsibility

Throughout the New Testament, we have seen several verses which show us that in God’s plan for salvation man has a responsibility to play. Man cannot be saved unless he diligently fulfils his responsibility. Man has to first hear the call for salvation. He has to accept that call and then obey with works. We see salvation likened to a race, you have to practice, then be at the race tracks, you have to run, and run in your lane, and only those who finish the race will receive the prize.

So God did not make us like robots, he gave us the gift of free will so that we can choose salvation for ourselves. Some chose the way of the world and are lost.

Other Texts on Predestination

These are the other places where we find the word ‘predestination

1. Acts 4:28
2. Romans 8:29-30
2. 1 Corinthians 2:7
1. Ephesians 1:11

Who is Predestined

– Those who have obeyed God’s word.
– Those who have believed Gods plan
– They will be known as the called out
– They will be called the chosen. These are only chosen when they are IN CHRIST, that is after being baptised.
Does this mean once one is in Christ he cannot lose his salvation? No, he must remain faithful to the end to receive the crown of life.

What is Predestined?

The plan of Salvation.
– The destination is already set – Heaven 
– The vehicle to take you there is set – The church
– The way to enter is set – Through Christ only


Predestination = God has a predetermined plan for all those who have believed in his word to be saved. It does not mean that God has already elected those who will be saved. Each person has the free will to accept God’s call for salvation and those that accept it will be saved if they remain faithful to the end.

There are many questions that can come up under predestination of which we can only speculate the answers as God has not revealed this through his word.

This is a work in progress of my understanding thus far and will update it as I learn more and get more insight. I am happy to take questions and insights into this topic.