Slavery to superstitions – Part 1

Traditional healer
A traditional healer at a traditional village adjacent to the Great Zimbabwe Monuments (Credit: iZimphoto)

Many Zimbabweans are into superstitions, believe them or are indirectly captured. All this leads to blinding to you and others around you because you or they are living a lie or lies. The whole country and its population are deep into it in one way or the other. The result is poverty and underdevelopment. Superstitions are everywhere in politics, business, and generally everywhere else. My effort is to get you to work on a micro-level perhaps I can inspire a few into action and succeed at whatever you are endeavoring in, you do not need any excess baggage, hurdles or barriers. I hope I can inspire you.
Every culture has its own superstitions across the world, having said that the level is very high in Zimbabwe and in African countries. There are many reasons that are causing Africa to lag behind economically but in this article, I will just focus on one effect. I am also trying to remove many Zimbabweans from political colonisation by highlighting some real challenges that have nothing to do with politics though politicians take advantage of superstitions.

Effects of superstitions

Superstitions affect those who believe and those who don’t. When Rotina Mavhunga said diesel comes out of a rock and proved her concept the politicians and others believed,  instead of investing in sound economic processes to get diesel people invested in a lie. When it was finally proved that it was a trick the damage had been done even to those that did not believe. That’s how superstitions affect those who do not believe in them. The end is wrong decisions are made and time is wasted while others make progress.
Those who do not believe in superstitions have a responsibility to teach the nation to be factual. Hats off to Jonathan Moyo for proving  the importance of and implementing STEM, the country needs science and maths to move on. 


Mudzimu is a dead person’s spirit that is said to take care of the living, control daily events, provides gifts and do much more. Those who believe it do so many rituals including the major one of waking up the dead person’s spirit. This is so complex because those who believe in it say that dead family members and their ancestors have meetings where they discuss issues that will affect the . So what this means in short is the living are controlled by the dead. So mudzimu is a barrier to progress because what we do is decided on by the dead, fortunately this is false.

N’anga/Sangoma/Witch Doctors

These are said to be the most powerful of people living because they do not only have powers but give to those who need the powers including powers to heal, give zvikwambo, protection powers, influence, and love charms. Their modus operandi is not much different from that of the modern-day prophets, apostles, and such church leaders who claim to have lots of powers. Many get healed due to the placebo effect.
Many give out cattle and so much money to a financially poor person, with poor children. The irony is they are promised to get very wealthy.


I will do a detailed analysis on this in a separate article for now I just need to prove that if you believe that all sickness and misfortune is controlled by witches then you are doomed and consequently your belief will affect your society and nation at large. While other countries are investing in science and technology you are investing in superstitions. I am insipred by Elon Musk, through space X they are daily improving rockets and planning to colonise Mars while many of our people believe that witches fly in a winowing basket. The country and Africa as a whole will remain in poverty because of this. These witches are said to have so much power to ride hynaes at night and open graves and eat meat of dead people. I asked someone who believes that if a witch would love to operate in the USA, will they leave Zimbabwe at night and get to USA in the day or they leave Zimbabwe during the day and work at night in the USA, I asked this knowing she believes that witches only operate at night now with time difference it is difficult. I wanted the person to slowly acknowledge that witches have limitations before I went for the killer punch that witches do not have the said powers, it’s just an art too scare the simple. 
Some posses powers to send lighting, a great supernatural power yet the same cannot make it rain so that they send their lightning. 


It is alleged that these have magical powers, infact supernatural, I cannot give a percentage but the majority of people think this to be true. The truth is that Zimbabwe is sinking, stagnant or slowly growing economicaly and the rest of the continent. It’s impossible to develop and prosper with such a mindset.
If this was true Zimbabwe will be the richest country in the world. If we need pounds we will just hit the Bank of England just like that, yet we struggle to get foreign currency.  The biggest way to earn forex is by exporting more, then preserve it by  less imports; simple.

The role of media

Conventional media has added to the challenge by legitimising myths by giving coverage to such as if it’s legit.  The said case of Rotina Mavhunga received maximum coverage on national TV and as well as all radio stations and newspapers as trutgy but it was false. The Challenge is huge. The majority of people believe that.

The role of politicians

Politicians are opinion Leaders and their influence spreads through out the country their influence varies with their popularity. Sadly most if not all politicians here spread these superstitions just life the Rotina Mavunga case, politicians telling the country that the fuel challenge was over. Beer is prepared to appease “ancestors” who are not happy, the truth is there are spots that are dangerous on roads, dams and others tourist resorts. There is need to put signs, humps, cameras and other technologies to avert unnecessary deaths. While mbuya Nehanda was a great inspirational leader she certainly has no role leading the country from the grave if you believe that you certainly need emancipation.

The role of religion

Just as politicians; religious leaders have the same effect as politicians. But their influence is much stronger and has more impact. Sone were told to carry handkerchiefs to wipe a car of their choice and it will be theirs. Others were promised miraculous money into their bank accounts, that was to is all fictitious. These religious leaders are strongly connected to politicians and in most cases they work together to blind the masses and make money out of the poverty and underdevelopment of the country. Lastly there is a thin line between faith and superstitions, be careful that you may be holding to a superstition and think it’s faith. For example if you are Christian and hold that you will miraculously see a huge bank balance from nowhere, you are holding to a superstition not faith. This sounds funny but a few years back many believed it and defended the false prophet, while those like me who knew it’s a lie tried to help,  the number of believers was staggering which leaves me to conclude that more than 80% of the population believe and follow superstitions, which will ensure Zimbabwe and Africa in general will remain trapped in poverty and underdevelopment.

I have written on how religion is a barrier to progress Zimbabwe, you can read Taking Responsibility – Part 3 . To make this complex religious leader preach about the superstitions that I have highlighted above. They preach about these things as if they are facts. The result is the majority will remain in superstitions. If Christianity is not based on biblical principles then it’s something else most likely superstitions. Add division in those that claim to be Christians and it’s a disaster.
My plan in this article was just to make a point that superstitions are holding us back. In my future articles, I will highlight the major superstitions and how they are false. No one has supernatural powers to stop someone or a nation from progressing. It’s your mind that accepts this.

The best path

To make progress we have to have a  knowledge based economy. What is a knowledge based economy? I quote Investopedia”The knowledge economy is a system of consumption and production that is based on intellectual property in particular, it refers to the ability to capitalize on scientific discoveries and basic and applied research. This has come to represent a large component of all economic activity in most developed countries. In a knowledge economy, a significant component of value may thus consist of intangible assets such as the value of its workers’ knowledge or intellectual property.”
To this end the current government is pushing on innovation hubs with local universities, and other institutions of higher learning. A lot is still to be done but we have started. The minister of higher education is pushing Education 5.0 which is a good thing for our progress. 

I focus on the micro-level: so everything starts with you, make a decision to follow scientific things, be creative and innovative without pointing a finger at the government or someone. As I always say change begins with you and the best change comes from the bottom going upwards. Take responsibility to refuse to be superstitious.

The mind is powerful, everything man-made is a result of the mind, wars, hate, revenge, and more is a result of the mind, in particular the subconscious mind. You have a part to change your subconscious mind, the subconscious mind stores everything, If you think I hate you that’s it until you change it in your mind, there is nothing much I can do about what you think, I can only influence not change you.
Sangomas are there, witchcraft is there, people are given things. My article is not to say that is not there. My point is that they do not possess supernatural powers as many think.


It’s beyond the scope of this article to differentiate myths, legends, and superstitions, it’s important to know they have the same effect.
Superstitions are a huge barrier to the success of individuals. This is an invisible hand that is holding us generally and specifically those who believe in these. There are plenty of superstitions that I did not touch on, look at yourself and evaluate if what you believe is not a superstition.
When an individual is captured, then its individuals then the whole country is captured and we are in trouble. You or we need emancipation from the mental slavery of superstitions. Colonisation happens in the mind first you have a choice to remain colonised or be free. 
The mind is such a powerful force. One person’s belief or conviction can achieve great things, a nation can achieve much more. If a person decides to achieve anything and do what is needed to achieve the goal they will certainly achieve it. If you want to be the first person to reach the bottom of the Chinhoyi caves pool you don’t need to think too much, simply go on Google and look for the equipment, knowledge and then get training to be a great diver. If you believe that there are mermaids waiting for you there. You will never achieve it.
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I write on Zimbabwe and Africa with a focus on microeconomics with a focus on micro, small and medium enterprises. I believe in change starting at a local level going up and the need for mental emancipation from slavery. Slavery to superstitions, propaganda, colonisation, polarisation, and politics. WhatsApp 0719842677.