Survey – Should corporal punishment be banned?


This is a collection of comments from a Whatsapp text I sent on the views of whether Corporal Punishment should be banned or not.

Abuse involves injuring the child,  whether physically,  mentally or emotionally and in the case of abuse,  no love is involved.

Kids are just kids, and sometimes just trying to talk some sense into them or trying to just tell them whats wrong or right might just not be enough.

The world now has a warped sense of discipline, like disciplining your child will kill them when really it’s lack of discipline that is killing them.

I am a firm believer of spare the rod spoil the child NOT use the rod to abuse the child.

I believe it must be administered by a parent (ideally) or other adult who has been authorised by a parent and the method, quantity of physical discipline and qualifying behaviour for punishment set out and agreed.

No … no banning. There should be a barometer to measure the spanking from abuse

As a parent especially a single mom to a son I’m asking myself how do I raise a man I can respect? I think corporal punishment has no space in that methodology. I don’t want to teach my son that violence is an option or that we cannot talk with each other.

The lack of corporal punishment, is manufacturing adults that are not respectful.

Until children in Africa and children in the US/Europe have the same resources at their disposal (education, creative, entertainment…) you cant try to raise them exactly the same…can you imagine concept ye’Time Out’ paruzevha??

Clearly there is a very thin line between discipline and abuse.

Even without spanking kids can still be abused and everywhere you go whether its work environment or even in the church there is a form of discipline when people cross the line.

I believe whether it is banned or not abuse by itself will always be there and that alone is a sign that even in our schools we have some bad characters but we are better off having our kids kept in line rather than allow them to have it their own way in the name of rights.

Bad children are created by bad or poor parenting practices. That is the first issue that should be addressed. How do we raise our children to be mindful present and responsible adults?

Science ain’t my African grandmother

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