Take up your personal Challenges


Jesus asked Peter, ‘Do you love me?’ and he used a particular verb for love, agapao. When Peter said he loved the lord, he used a different verb for love, phileo. Jesus asked Peter thrice and gave him a challenge to take care of the flock.

Peter was challenged to provide good and quality leadership for God’s people. After all that has been said Jesus asked Peter to follow him. When faced with unavoidable challenge, Peter did what many of us do when faced with personal responsibility and accountability. He turned and saw John and asked Lord what about him.

When ever we are given a task in life we always fall into the trap of wanting the task be equally shared among all. Brethren, Jesus wants us to take up our challenges and responsibilities personally, we need to face our decisions personally. Jesus wants us not to pass the buck, but decide whether or not you will follow him in obedience as a faithful disciple.

To follow Jesus is to make him master in our lives. To follow Jesus is to seek to obey him in matters of moral conduct, in matters of religious service, and in all he requires of us. Points to consider: not all following is following Jesus. Not all religious gatherings are of Christ. Not all churches are of Christ. so its up to an individual to meet this personal challenge and seek the truth which will set us free. Scriptures: John 8v32; 10; 21v1-25. Eph 4v4-6. Act 2v16-32. Stay blessed and enjoy your day.