Visit Zimbabwe – The Monumental Great Zimbabwe ruins


Great Zimbabwe is a monumental ruin located in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. It was built without the use of any mortar! Granite blocks stacked skillfully for heights of up to 9 metres. Construction of the structures dates back to the 11th century. Read For comprehensive details on Great Zimbabwe

Inside the great enclosure is the iconic Conical Tower

The Great Enclosure at Great Zimbabwe

Corridors within the Great Enclosure which also consisted of a drainage system

The west facing wall of the great Enclosure.

The famous Chevron pattern can be seen from the outside of the east facing wall.

Detail of the Chevron Pattern at Great Zimbabwe

 Soapstone replicas of the Zimbabwe Bird

 Vervet Monkeys are the keepers of the ruins

Closeups of the granite blocks

The enclosure wall rises up to 9 metres at certain points


The Hill Complex

The Hill complex as viewed from the valley

Passages leading up to the Hill Complex

The great enclosure from the Hill Complex

The workmanship on the Hill Complex is much older and not as refined as the Great Encolsure

A section of Lake Mutirikwi can be seen from the Hill Complex

Proof that there is still dwellers on the Hill Complex, dassie/rock rabbit droppings

A view from the Hill complex showing the reconstructed village

The Valley Complex

A group of tourists from Pretoria South Africa on a guided tour.

The many aloes which litter the Valley Complex

The Village

A recreated village complete with a traditional doctor you can consult and traditional dancers.

The reconstructed village comes complete with a traditional doctor (n’anga) who can tell you your fortunes

Clay pots

The Great Zimbabwe Hotel

A Kilometre from the the ruins is the Great Zimbabwe Hotel, which consists of 85 beds in 47 rooms. Also available at the ruins are rondavels/chalets which are self catering or you can pitch your tent by the camping site.

You have to visit Great Zimbabwe to see how amazing it is. Follow the #VisitZimbabwe for more destinations to visit in Zimbabwe