Visit Zimbabwe: Domboshava Rock Paintings


The first time I went to Domboshava was in the intention of shooting a music video and also have a chance to see the caves and rock paintings as I had never been here before. Unfortunately we were not able to shoot the video as we were told we needed a letter from Museums in Harare to have access. So we packed our equipment back in the car and decided to tour the place instead.

After paying the local entry fee of $4, the officer who was there told us that the dwala/ruware was a sacred place (nzvimbo inoyera)so we must watch what we say and do whilst we were there. So I asked him surely if it was sacred there must be some sort of ritual which must be performed to allow us access and he said pointing to the ticket, that is the the only ritual you need to perform.

The reception

The reception area from the granite hill

Rock paintings

Domboshava is a small village situated about 27km from Harare in the Mashonaland central. Surrounding the village are granite hills. In the park there is a granite hill which is considered a National Monument of Zimbabwe with impressive rock formations formed by erosion at the top. There are caves on the hill which have rock paintings dating back 6000 years.

A sign for visitors to treat the site with respect

Despite the sign, vandalism still at the cave by the rock paintings

The cave can be seen the entrance covered by trees and shrubs

Sitting on top of part of the granite outcrop

The effects of erosion leaves some really impressive features

Holding up a huge rock…

That rock doesn’t need anyone to hold it up!

 A trigonometry beacon on top of the granite dwala   

Balancing rock formations the result of erosion

Domboshava village in the distance as viewed from the Hill.

Granite formations around Domboshava

Admission ticket

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