Wrestling Against God’s Authority


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, sings the hymn of creation in Genesis chapter one. The part of the hymn says man was given power to name all living creatures as he pleases. This was authority transferred from God to man. However, man was not satisfied with receiving a part of the authority, he craved for total authority.

Now that man has tasted authority and is not content, he began to fight a war against God’s authority. Today as proved by the continued birth of denominations and religious groupings, man is wrestling against God’s authority. Therefore, the intent of this article is to discuss and warn Christians on the raging war between man and God.

At one time Jews asked our Lord, “By what authority are you doing these things? ” But it wasn’t enough even before Jesus answered, hence they added, “And who gave you this authority? ” (Matthew 21:23). The above quote is clear evidence to convince us that not everyone had authority although the Jews didn’t know that Jesus was the son of God. Cognisance of the above, none of us today has authority above that which our Saviour has. What is authority?

It is the source of precedent or principle and the right to command. It is the source of reliable information. Jesus has been given all authority says Matthew 28:18. All means all and all pertaining to Christianity. Hence, I shall be asking the source of some people or religious leader’s authority as we come to issues of concern.

One day I had a discussion with an elder from a certain denomination on the issue of women being ordained as church elders but his response was a hurting one. He said, “We are all equal before God and our founder is the one who started the ordaining of women thus we shall continue because he is spiritual.” Truly it is man’s authority wrestling against God’s authority.

God’s authority has two passages of scripture which direct us on who is to be an elder and the qualifications (1 Tim 3 and Titus 1). So, by what authority are they doing these things? And who gave them that authority? I shall firmly say it is never from but from the devil.

Paul the former Saul of Tarsus wrote a letter warning the Corinthians against going beyond that which is written (1 Corin 4:6). In the same letter he conveyed God ‘s authority instructing women to learn in quietness or silence (1 Corin 14:26-40). He even conveyed the same message to the Ephesians through a letter to Timothy (1 Tim 2).

To my surprise women are now chief speakers and ministers of religion in today ‘s congregations. We now have women bishops. My question is, ‘By what authority are they doing these things? And who gave them that authority? ” Brethren that’s a clear sign of the Devil ‘s authority not God ‘s. Man is wrestling against Jesus ‘ authority.

Jesus has all authority. Commissioning the disciples, Jesus said, “…teaching them to obey everything i have commanded you…”(Matt 28:20). Before the words of our Lord in Matthew 28, He had uttered similar instructions to Jeremiah in the first chapter saying, “… you must go to everyone i send you to and say whatever i command you.” Surely, the disciples and Jeremiah weren’t going to modify or say things according to their thinking but they were under God ‘s authority. Did God ever authorise us to found churches or the so called ministries?

If He did I stand to be corrected! But if He didn’t then let me ask, ‘By what authority are you doing these things? And who gave you that authority? ‘Brethren, since the time of Adam man had been craving to become like God. People who are sincere are being robbed of their possessions by godless men and women who claim to be church founders. Please don’t be fooled, the Corinthians tried that and were corrected (1Corin 1-3).

There is but one church, one faith, one God, one Spirit, one hope and one baptism (Eph 4:1-6). No one shall lay any other foundation other than the one already laid. Therefore, anyone who claims to have founded a ministry leaning on God is a lier and not a child of God.

Let me conclude by saying, it is painful to realise at the point of death that you have been wrestling against the authority of God. Take your time to read the Bible which is all sufficient and gain knowledge of His authority. Never delight in following a crowd in doing what is wrong (Exod 23:2).